Number One Jewish Dating App Changes Its Name: Meet JMatch

The popular free Jewish dating app, JFriends, has rebranded itself as JMatch.

Orlando, FL -- (SBWire) -- 07/19/2016 --The new Jewish dating app JFriends launched 1 month back, and it has got over 10k users till now. Today it has just changed its name from JFriends to JMatch. This free download from iTunes has quickly become the must have for Jewish singles. Clearly wanting to differentiate itself from a social media platform where Jewish men and Jewish women become friends, the name change better aligns the app as a matchmaker app.

Dating apps are all the rage at the moment and clearly young Jewish people want to take advantage of this new technology. With popular apps for straight and gay relationships it just makes sense to have an app available to start a Jewish relationship. For those people who want to find a partner of the same faith, this app has already helped many young Jewish people to connect with one another.

JMatch's goal is to become the world¡¯s number 1 Jewish dating app. Clearly this app wants to make sure that every person of the Jewish faith that is looking to find love has the opportunity. I think that this rebranding will certainly be welcomed within the Jewish community.

As the internet brings people together with so many social network platforms, it is great to see young Jewish people finding a place to call their own. With the pressures of the modern day a lot of young Jewish people still observe the faith but find that work stops them from being as engaged in the Jewish community as perhaps they would like. This Jewish dating app is a great way of bridging that social divide.

Where the previous generation met many of their partners in the Jewish community, this younger generation isn¡¯t spending enough time face-to-face in the Jewish community to build those kinds of relationships. JMatch is clearly so popular because this is something that Jewish men and women find helps them to build the kinds of relationships they are looking for.

The rebranding of JFriends is sure to increase the number of users who find their service. Over the last 20 years, it has become not only accepted, but common, for people to meet on dating websites and through apps. JMatch is responding to the need within the Jewish community to help bring together the Jewish people.

People today live very busy lives are not spending as much time in the social places that was common for the previous generation. Jewish singles today are spending more time at work and less time in the Jewish community. JMatch acts as a modern day matchmaker to bring together people for romance, serious relationships, and even marriage.

About JMatch
As a free dating app, JMatch works by bringing together Jewish singles onto a common platform and then matching them with other Jewish men and women that have similar preferences. Using an intuitive user experience similar to other matchmaking apps, JMatch has already helped many people come together to find love. With this name change, they hope to bring together even more Jewish singles than ever before.

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