Know What Goals to Set when Using Leads

Newtown Sq, PA -- (SBWire) -- 08/15/2016 --Being trained to work leads when selling insurance is not the same thing as hands-on, in the trenches experience using leads generated by an online lead generation company.

An agent in training learns many things and even gets a course or two in how to properly work leads. While it is helpful to know how to work leads, the training does not produce results unless the agent completely understands what working a lead means.

"It does not mean buying the best leads that money can buy and then randomly calling them when the spirit so moves you," said Clelland Green, RHU, CEO of "It means setting goals. Working methodically and diligently to contact the incoming leads as soon as possible. Following up. Maintaining contact and converting the lead to a sale. That kind of experience is hard-won in the trenches and not found in a book."

Leads, no matter how well-selected and ready to buy they are, do not morph into paying customers without an agent working with them. Training is essential when it comes to knowing about products, carriers and other quirky things potential buyers want to understand, but an agent must also know what the ultimate goal is for the business. "Randomness in handling phone calls, dealing with questions and converting a potential customer when selling insurance leads is the kiss of death," added Green.

Agents need to know what they want before they buy leads. What kind of lead is best to achieve which goals? What area of the state does the agent want to work? What demographics is the agent interested in? What types of insurance is the agent selling? Does the agent want to work real time leads? Is the agent planning on calling the leads within 48 hours? Does the agent have a practice group?

All these questions and more are vitally important for agents to have answers to. They also need a good lead company that helps them to pick the right kind of lead for their experience and budget. "Having said that, do not cheap out on buying leads. They pave the road to your ultimate success if you work them the right way. And if you don't have appropriate training and the right kind of experience, get it. It's your business, so invest in training," said Green.

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