Virtual Desktops Building Cost-Effective IT Infrastructure for SMEs and Startups

Dorset, UK -- (SBWire) -- 08/29/2016 --Equipping workers with the right tools and technologies is the key to business success for any organization, small or large. has rightly identified the IT needs of SMEs and start-ups, that may have humble beginnings, with limited resources and investment. The Dorset based IT and hardware service provider offers hosted desktop services to SMEs and start-ups, with the primary aim of helping them to improve efficiency, avert data loss incidents, and reduce capital investment and overheads.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) VDI solutions from can be seen as a virtual desktop solution that works best for SMEs and start-ups that are looking to reduce the cost of purchasing and sourcing dedicated desktop services.  The software, cloud and hardware solutions provider aims at streamlining the software and hardware setup, particularly for smaller businesses. Also, the service providers at are aiming at maximizing profit and streamlining efficiency for their clients.

An SES executive explained "we host virtual desktops using the latest cloud technology, thereby enabling our clients to work with optimal flexibility, while, at the same time, their business running costs are reduced to a great extent. At present, we are offering a flexible monthly payment model, which helps in the control of cash flow."

"A virtual desktop solution may grow as the business grows. We will keep adding additional desktops to an existing plan as the requirements change. We offer tailor-made plans so that the precise requirements of SMEs and start-ups are successfully met. We don't offer hosted desktop solutions through third parties, which is why costs and functionality can be carefully controlled. Our business also offers a host of additional services such as firewall support, data backup, anti-spam, software upgrades, user support, helpdesk and advice, most of which are included as standard in our hosted desktop solution packages."

SES has been developing computer technologies for the SME marketplace for many years, with being created more recently to specialize in hosted desktop solutions.  The company has worked for a number of government and commercial clients, and has provided hardware and IT solutions to these clients for years now.  Hosted virtual desktop infrastructure is now working in many privately held workplaces and organizations, with SMEs and start-ups being the majority of these.

"We now send out free and no-obligation price quotes to anybody enquiring about our services", the top executive signed off.

About is a hosted desktop solutions provider based in Dorset, UK. 

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