Big Green Purse Shares How to Keep Drinking Water Safe

Orlando, FL -- (SBWire) -- 09/13/2016 --Water is a human need. It is a resource that people use every day. It also has several purposes for maintaining the health of people. Keeping drinking water always safe for consumers takes effort. This article discusses some key points in keeping drinking water safe.

"Being able to get clean, safe drinking water straight from the tap is a right we're all entitled to. Yet today's news stories report, once again, that the water we drink every day may contain dangerous chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, and other illnesses," website Big Green Purse shared in the article.

The website shows the steps towards clean and safe drinking water. Moreover, HealthyWiser also offers a digital pH meter for water pH testing to make sure water is safe all the time.

First, Big Green Purse reminds homeowners that it is best to use reverse osmosis filters than buying bottled water.

"Much bottled water comes straight from the same source as our drinking water. It looks healthier because it sports a fancy label touting how 'pure' it is – but unless the label also says the water has been tested and proven to be free of hexavalent chromium and other contaminants, you'll just be wasting your money," the website explained.

A reverse osmosis water system has the capacity to filter water from the moment it goes out of the faucet. A lot of reverse osmosis systems can either be on the countertops or under the sink. Whichever systems homeowners choose, changing the filters on a regular basis is a must.

How about pH tests for reverse osmosis systems? This may seem like an add-on but it is also important. HealthyWiser offers a digital pH meter for reverse osmosis water systems. It provides the accurate pH testing that homeowners need.

Finally, the website also reminded homeowners to coordinate with the officials to ensure that the water supplies are safe.

The HealthyWiser digital pH meter

The HealthyWiser digital pH meter is a product that offers better pH testing. It has a digital monitor that shows pH readings quicker. The auto calibration function of the meter makes sure pH testing is always accurate

The HealthyWiser digital pH meter with ATC offers great functions for laboratories and households. The device is used for swimming pools, drinking water, tea, filtration systems and more. For more information about HealthyWIser's digital pH meter with ATC, visit their Amazon page. Read more customer reviews about the product. The page also discusses more features of this HealthyWiser product.

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