DIA-TRUpin from Diacut Makes Truing & Reconditioning of Resin-Bond Grinding Wheels Easy

Quality Pin Allows Diamond and CBN Wheels to be Easily Reshaped into Like-New Condition


Palmer Lake, CO -- (SBWire) -- 11/01/2016 --Any grinding wheel that is utilized on a regular basis is exposed to typical wear and tear that will eventually break it down. Diamond and CBN blades, while more resistant to wear, aren't immune to this type of deterioration; making regular maintenance of the blade critical to long term performance and efficiency. The professionals at Diacut recognize the need for long-lasting, reliable blades, which is why they developed the DIA-TRUpin, a device designed to make truing and reconditioning of resin bond diamond blades easy and restores them to "like-new" condition.

It is clear that this pin will change the way companies see the upkeep of their wheels. Users of diamond blades should note three distinct advantages of the DIA-TRUpin:

- True newly mounted diamond blades on the machine
- Allows users to recondition wheels without removing the wheel from the machine
- Once the truing or reshaping of the wheel is complete, users can go right back to work without relying on a dressing or re-sharpening stick.

"The DIA-TRUpin is a fantastic tool for companies that regularly use resin bonded diamond blades, and we are confident this tool will resonate very well with our customer base," commented Sales Manager Toni Furrer. He continued, saying "It's very important that newly mounted blades run absolutely true or concentric with the machine spindle. The DIA-TRUpin, when used properly, makes the process of truing blades easy and time efficient; making the blade run smooth (without bouncing) and at the same time opening the resin bond to expose new diamond particles. The end result is a fast, free cutting blade."

While the DIA-TRUpin is a useful tool in the Diacut arsenal, their trademark continues to be quality custom-made diamond and CBN blades. Since 1982, they've produced blades that solve numerous advanced material grinding problems. Custom blades are narrowed down by diamond type, bond, grit size and concentration – all in an effort to provide the best possible blade for the application. Each blade is manufactured efficiently and made to customer specifications, ensuring complete customer satisfaction every time.

Ultimately Diacut seeks to create blades that are exceptional in every single way: from producing faster feed rates and higher yields to overall increased productivity. They have worked with an astounding number of companies in a vast range of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Dental, Electronic, Medical/Healthcare, Photonics and Technical Ceramics.

About Diacut
Since 1982, Diacut has been producing custom precision wheels and blades for myriad industries around the world. Focused on crafting each product for reliable quality and consistent performance, the Diacut Thinwheel team is dedicated to offering superb customer responsiveness with unmatched product turnaround.


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