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New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 11/18/2016 --The new Air Share App helps in file transfer but is completely mobile traffic free. IT does not even require a Wi-Fi and still one to many files can be transferred within seconds. In short, a 1 Gb movie will just require 170 seconds to get transferred. The files can also be sent to multiple recipients. The transfer rate is much higher when compared to Bluetooth. One can transfer pictures, videos, music, files, software or any other files within no time by just establishing a connection with the other person to whom the data has to be sent.

About Air Share App
All that one needs to do to transfer the files is to open the App and click the button. Establish the connection with the person to whom the data is to be sent by following some very simple steps. Just select the file to be transferred and click on send. You can then either continue with sending files or exit the App. The App also supports Group Sharing and supports multiplayer files transfer.

The App would be further developed in the future based on the suggestions of the people and a new version with many more features will be released very soon.

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