Beer Hops Now Being Grown in Energy-Efficient Greenhouses

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado a series of red and blue LED lights are beaming down on rows of hop plants inside a roomy greenhouse.

Upton, Wirral -- (SBWire) -- 11/23/2016 --Hops are one of the most vital ingredients in beer. Typically they only flower once per year in the mountainous state however since January the owner of this said greenhouse Bill Bauerle has efficiently raised and picked four hefty crops – thanks to the manipulative powers of his colour changing LED lights and other innovative equipment.

Using this growing strategy Bill hopes to create a new business model in order to fulfil the ravenous thirst for locally produced craft beers in Colorado. Many breweries have already expressed a huge interest in the locally grown, high quality hops and stated that previously, this simply hasn't been an option, with many breweries currently having them shipped from locations further afield.

This growing method, which is commonly known as hydroponic growing, allows for hops to be grown all year round, regardless of weather conditions and seasons – and it has been suggested that hops grown in this style boast a more intense flavour, ideal for "wet hop" brews and more.

Currently breweries in the state are only managing to get their hand on fresh hops once a year and having to use dry hops for the remainder of the year – therefore it is no wonder that so many are so excite about this prospect.

A spokesperson from a leading UK hydroponics supplier, Grow & Harvest, was incredibly keen to comment on this saying, "As all of our existing customers are already thoroughly aware hydroponic growing and locally grown produce are both things in which we are incredibly passionate about – because of this we are delighted to see hops being grown in this way, and would be delighted to test the beer made using hydroponically grown hops should we ever get the opportunity. We have a wide range of hydroponics supplies available for all looking to grow their own fresh and tasty produce."

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