The Dyrun Mini Has Revolutionised Nomadic Network Connection

The Start-Up Dyrun Based in Lorraine Presents a Special Preview of: The Dyrun Mini. Thanks To Its Unique and Innovative Design, Dyrun Has Made a Huge Break Through in Internet Technology. This Nomadic Internet Connection Booster (Compatible with All Operators) Provides A Stable And Optimal Network Using A Low GSM Signal. Ideal for People Who Travel Alot, The Dyrun Mini Provides a Reliable Connection Throughout the World. Dyrun Enables High-Speed Internet Wherever You Are!

Lorraine, France -- (SBWire) -- 01/03/2017 --Dyrun, a start-up from Lorraine, launches the first nomadic network connection booster. Using a low GSM signal, this mini box guarantees a high-speed network and a stable connection. Compatible with all operators, you can take the Dyrun Mini with you on all your travels.

The Dyrun Mini provides a high-speed and secure connection in hotels, trains and areas where network access is limited. This new technology allows people to remain independent and enjoy a powerful and optimal connection throughout the world.

For writing emails, using Skype to keep in touch with co-workers and friends, uploading photos to Facebook or even booking a hotel room, an internet connection whilst travelling has become essential. Where other market players are still falling short, Dyrun's mini box provides an alternative solution for internet access.

Whether you are on a business trip or travelling overseas, inding a stable and secure wi i connection can prove to be a real challenge. With the Dyrun Mini, you will always have a network, wherever you go, explains Virginie Wagon, Dyrun's Executive Assistant and Communications Officer.

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About Dyrun
Based on an existing patent, Dyrun develops methods for wirelessly transmitting audio and video data. Today the company has developed a nomad box that is compatible with all operators and works on all GSM networks including 3G, 4G and the future 5G. This box is available in two versions: Home and Mini. The Home version is perfect for any family living room and has a built-in Windows PC.

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