Payless Foundation Repair Launches Its New Foundation Inspections Rating System in San Antonio

Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWire) -- 01/23/2017 --Payless Foundation Repair San Antonio has launched it's highly requested and anticipated ten-point foundation Inspection rating system which will kick off this year. For more details about the launch along with an in-depth analysis of the rating formula visit or click the following

With this new rating system the company announces its new capabilities for a structurally strong house or commercial property to ensure that it stands on a solid foundation and can easily identify Cosmetic cracks that may appear anywhere, which must be inspected urgently for ensuring they are just cosmetic. If not, then the cause of the cracks must be identified and fixed immediately. The damage will worsen if repair is delayed. The new system at Payless Foundation Repair San Antonio evaluates the problem thoroughly giving the cause and details of the damage and estimation in writing.

Generally the foundation issues turn to be relatively minor and if cracks reveal more than cosmetic damage then the experts can fix it urgently. The repair work is mainly to improve the lines of drainage system or removal of tree with roots that affects the foundation.

Some of the major signs of crack or foundation problems in San Antonio are Cracks forming in walls, doors that become difficult to close or that suddenly can't be closed, pipe leaks and floors that take on a slight slant. Payless Foundation Repair, San Antonio provides quality work at affordable rates.

About Payless Foundation Repair
Payless Foundation Repair has been in operation over 5 decades and provides free estimation for all foundation inspections and does repairing of residential and commercial buildings in San Antonio.

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