Optical on the Bricks Offers BluTech Lenses for Relief from Computer Vision Syndrome

Ft. Worth Eye Care Practice Aims to Curb the Rise of Computer Vision

Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWire) -- 02/06/2017 --As a modern optometry practice in Fort Worth, Texas, Optical on the Bricks now offers advanced BluTech lenses and personalized treatment for Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Computers pervade all areas of contemporary life and Computer Vision Syndrome is an increasingly common diagnosis made by eye doctors. One cause of CVS is overexposure to artificial blue light, which is emitted by all digital devices.

"More and more patients visit our Fort Worth office with eye and vision complaints caused by Computer Vision Syndrome. This condition is becoming a widespread problem, as people – both young and old – rely on electronics for both work and play… all day long," says Tim P. Kret, O.D., eye doctor at Optical on the Bricks.

Dr. Kret specializes in diagnosing and treating the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. Typically, patients experience some or all of the following: eyestrain, eye fatigue, headaches, dry eyes, a constant need to blink, blurred vision, and neck or shoulder pain. The severity of these symptoms is generally in direct proportion with the quantity of time spent gazing at a computer or digital device.

Why does CVS occur? A variety of reasons are to blame. One common problem is a vision prescription that isn't optimized for viewing a computer. Fonts on a digital screen may not be crisp, and poor lighting conditions can create glare that reduces the visual contrast between text and background. Altogether, excess stress is placed on the visual system. In addition, many individuals feel a need to lean towards the screen, which results in poor posture. Dr. Kret performs thorough eye examinations to issue a perfect eyewear prescription that considers the unique visual needs of using a computer. Correct eyewear goes far towards preventing CVS.

Blue light is another cause of CVS symptoms. Computers, LED backlights, tablets, flat-screen TVs and cellphones are all designed with advanced blue light technology. As a short, high-energy wavelength, blue light flickers rapidly, which strains the eye. It can also disrupt circadian rhythms and interfere with healthy sleep cycles. While the natural eye has built-in filters to protect against blue light from the sun, these filters do not protect sufficiently against the massive doses of blue light streaming out of high-tech gadgets.

Recent scientific studies show that extended exposure to blue light can increase the risk of eye disease for those with a genetic predisposition, such as macular degeneration and retinal damage. Other potential effects of blue light on the eyes include blurry vision, difficulty focusing, and dry eyes. In response to the many hazards of blue light, BluTech lenses are now available at the Fort Worth optometry office Optical on the Bricks.

BluTech lenses offer a cutting-edge, effective solution that blocks up to 70% of blue light. A filtering pigment is injected into the durable optical lenses, which can be crafted in prescription and nonprescription versions. Versatile eyeglasses with BluTech lenses can be worn outdoors for extra protection against the sun and indoors to safeguard against artificial blue light.

Anyone who experiences the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome is invited to contact Optical on the Bricks for an eye exam and treatment. A complete selection of designer frames that can be fit with BluTech lenses is also featured in this trendy Fort Worth, Texas, store.

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