Ergo Kitchen Accessories Introduces New Wooden Spoons and Wooden Ladles That Solve Cooking Problems

Armagh, Northern Ireland -- (SBWire) -- 02/07/2017 --European company, Ergo Kitchen Accessories have just introduced their new range of wooden spoons and wooden ladles It comes in a 5-piece set with a cup holder to hold everything in place. It was designed for professional chefs and people who cook. Wooden spoons and ladles are the cooking accessory of choice for specific recipes because they do not transfer heat as much as metal spoons do. They can also be used safely without damaging non-stick pans which is usually the case for metal spoons. This is the reason why some recipe books specify that wooden spoons be used.

Using wooden kitchen accessories also comes with many benefits and advantages. It is strong. This goes to say that it may be used to stir thick substances without breaking. It may be used to scrape of things that stick to the bottom of the pans. It is insulated which means that if one is making candy or any food that is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, one is not going to cause crystallization by using a utensil that will absorb a lot of heat.

When asked about the main selling points of their new range of kitchen accessories, the President of Ergo Kitchen Accessories shared that, "We are proud to say that our products are made out of high quality materials. Our beautiful bamboo spoons are not only perfect for stir frying and mixing, it is also perfect for making salads. The set comes with kitchen ladles and wooden spoons of different sizes which are ideal of cooking and preparing different kinds of dishes. Last but not the least, our products come with a lifetime warranty. We guarantee that it will not break easily and if it does, we're here to replace it right away."

The new kitchen accessory set from Ergo Kitchen Accessories may be purchased online by going to The new product has already received multiple positive reviews from customers all over Europe. Additionally, it has received numerous 5-star reviews from customers who've already bought the product in Amazon. It is priced at 10.97 USD.

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