Stanley Paving Protects Commercial Roadways, Lots, and Residential Driveways All Winter Long


Burlington, NJ -- (SBWire) -- 03/15/2017 --The freeze-thaw cycle is certainly harmful during the winter months, causing a lot of damage to asphalt in New Jersey that cannot be easily repaired. Both commercial and residential roadways are at risk to the volumetric expansion that occurs when water freezes. Because of this scientific phenomenon, asphalt oftentimes becomes riddled with potholes, cracks, and otherwise unsightly impairment. That is why it is essential to fix it right away when it appears to be deteriorating.

In order to do this, paving companies in NJ, such as Stanley Paving, can preemptively protect pavement from the wearing effects of weather. They do this by either filling in already existing potholes or by smoothing over the asphalt with a sealcoat. Sealcoating pavement will cover it with a protective sheen that fills in cracks and imperfections, making it so water cannot seep into them, freeze, or expand.

When water turns into ice and expands, it will stretch any cracks, eventually turning them into a pothole. Also, if water is able to get into the sub-pavement, where gravel and soil acts as support for the asphalt, it can create a frozen water bubble. This bubble can collapse inward when heavy vehicles like plows, trucks, or the like pass over it, creating a very detrimental pothole.

Stanley Paving is the most trusted of the residential driveway paving companies out there, assisting homeowners with their driveways and commercial businesses with their lots or roadways. They can handle any project no matter how big or how small, ensuring that all asphalt is safe to drive or walk on all winter long.

If interested in sealcoating or pothole repair please contact Stanley Paving today by calling them at: 866-938-6736.

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With three generations of pavers, Stanley Paving has assisted the Delaware Valley for over 57 years, valuing their commitment to service and expertise. To the Stanley Paving crew, no job is ever too small or too big, whether it be commercial, residential, or municipal, they get it done promptly. Their equipment and experienced paving crew provides the best service in the area.

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