Bona Fide Foods Launches with the Best Selection of Olive Oils and Spanish Paprika


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 03/17/2017 --Bona Fide Foods public relations director, Maria Molina, announced that the company has officially launched with a selection of authentic Spanish paprika and extra virgin olive oil from Spain.

"Our philosophy is to supply the finest quality ingredients and unique products," said Molina.

Bona Fide Foods is committed to providing premium culinary ingredients from the Mediterranean that offer exceptional taste. The company provides retail shopping opportunities for the home cook, as well as wholesale options for a comprehensive array of professional establishments ranging from restauranteurs and catering companies to chefs and healthcare food services.

Bona Fide Foods utilizes a unique selection process for its olive oils that involves the quality of the olive trees from which the fruit is collected. More than 260 olive varieties are grown in Spain, providing Bona Fide Foods will a wealth of opportunities when selecting its unique blends with the best healthy properties.

The company offers monovarietal olive oils that are derived from specific types of olives. Its coupage olive oils are those that are created from a unique blend of varieties by artisans skilled in the craft to produce specific flavors.

Known as the liquid gold of the Mediterranean, olive oil contains different flavors and underlying notes just as fine wines exhibit. The oils offered by Bona Fide Foods represent the crème de le crème of olive oils. Graded on its unique qualities of aroma, fragrance, freshness, sweetness and taste, only the oil that demonstrates the highest marks in all five categories earn the designation of extra virgin olive oil.

Bona Fide Foods also offers smoked paprika in sweet, bittersweet and hot varieties. More than just a colorful spice, the peppers from which the company's Spanish paprika is derived are subjected to a traditional selection and drying process that's different than those in other pepper producing regions. Just as the wooden casks used in vintage wines influence the taste, so it is with the company's smoked paprika to achieve its aroma, color, and flavor.

The launch of Bona Fide Foods provides home cooks and professional chefs with extra virgin olive oil and Spanish paprika that are flavorful, healthy, and contain high levels of antioxidants. Also, products that have earned the Protected Designation of Origin accreditation label guarantee the highly differentiated quality due to their origin, standards of manufacturing, and distinction as ingredients for haute cuisine.

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Bona Fide Foods is the provider of premium quality extra virgin olive oils and smoked Spanish paprika of distinction crafted with traditional methods. The company serves the needs of customers ranging from home chefs to professional culinary establishments and healthcare food services.

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