Jetties Beach Supply Starts Crowdfunding Campaign via FundThis to Introduce Oasis, the Ultimate Beach Towel

Jetties Beach Supply is looking to raise $20,000 via FundThis crowdfunding platform for the upcoming launch of Oasis beach towel. This patent pending product features a full sized pillow, a beach bag and an ultra soft beach towel combined into a simple package.


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWire) -- 03/23/2017 --Jetties Beach Supply is pleased to announce that the company is all set to introduce their maiden product Oasis beach towel. To start the mass production of this useful product, Jetties Beach Supply has just started a crowdfunding campaign via FundThis. The company claims that Oasis offers a series of extraordinary features that will significantly enhance people's experience of spending time on the beach.

The most unique designing aspect of Oasis beach towel is that it can be used as a beach bag that can be rolled out into a full beach towel with a pillow. The same process can be reversed to roll it back to a beach bag. The product's patent pending design also includes strategically placed handles, making it effortless for the users to carry it. Some other key features of the product include

- Polyester pockets: Large enough to fit all the beach day essentials including watches, phones, keys, wallets and sunscreen.

- Microfiber fabric: One hundred times finer than a human hair, this fabric is capable of holding up to four times their weight in water. Retains color, shape, and characteristics better compared to the traditional cotton towels. Microfiber is more durable, and traps less sand than cotton.

- UltraSuede handles: Lightweight, durable, soft, and water-resistant.

- Removable pillow: Easy to maintain, machine washable and resistant to moisture build up that can lead to dust mites, molds, and other complications.

Jetties Beach Supply comprises of a South Florida-based team of individuals that have always depended on the beach as their sanctuary. Now, the team has set out to deliver products that are tailor-made to enhance the experience of the beach goers around the world.

Talking about the upcoming launch of their introductory product, a senior official from Jetties Beach Supply stated, "We were always shoving sand under our towels for neck support, always hiding our phones under our shirts and always carrying heavy beach bags for our towels, wallets, and keys. After hours talking to previous customers and working out a few prototypes, we've perfected our concept and we are ready for mass production!"

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About Jetties Beach Supply
Jetties Beach Supply is a South Florida-based startup dedicated to creating top class beach utility products that are designed to enhance the experience of spending time on the beach. The company's has just started a FundThis crowdfunding campaign for the launch of their maiden product Oasis beach towel.

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