Indusgeeks Provides Superb Onboarding and Sales Training Gamification

Indusgeeks offer solutions for leadership training, sales, and soft skills training, safety and compliance, onboarding and induction, policy awareness and more.


Mumbai, Maharashtra -- (SBWire) -- 03/27/2017 --Indusgeeks is a highly revered company that deals in business simulations, game-based training, gamification for all industry types. They offer solutions for leadership training, sales, and soft skills training, safety and compliance, onboarding and induction, policy awareness and more. They provide affordable customized game-based learning and gamification that are also LMS compatible and congenial with both mobile and desktop platforms.

Their Chief Gaming Officer is reported to have said, "Our game based training and learning solutions contain gamification and social layers like leaderboards. Others are the ability to post top scores to Twitter and Facebook among others, to improve user engagement and to bring back the element of competition with your transformed learning content which is one of the most important elements of social learning. Our Game Based Learning and training platform supports self-paced learning via guided learning, with the aid of interactive avatars which engages the user and deliver an immersive experience. This results in a fun, engaging learning experience that will keep your learners coming back for more."

Being one of the world's leading sales training and simulation development companies, Indusgeeks uses their expertise and prowess to design high-quality customized simulations for sales training that are the most effective for their clients' specific gamification needs, taking into consideration, their client's industry, requirements and user demographics.

The Chief Gaming Officer added, "Based on client needs, our simulation-based training and gamification platforms support the inclusion of formative and summative tests like the pre and post tests to quantify the knowledge retention of the learners who play the game based learning solution. We offer customized sales training gamification, and create soft skills games and sales training games that actively use our INIT platform to interact with the learner to drive up sales, enterprise-wide in the end. With our highly versatile platform, we have the potential to create unique and highly customizable game-based sales training and gamification solutions that will allow your mobile sales workforce to have an increased effort while on the go or minimize the downtime needed for them to be field-ready."

Indusgeeks has a rich, interactive 3D induction and onboarding gamification solution dubbed All Aboard recommended for clients looking for onboarding gamification. The platform allows for ILT or Self-Paced learning and is immersive in nature thus providing for greater retention. All Aboard improves productivity and saves costs by reducing the time for new employees to get up to speed. The onboarding games and induction training are products of Indusgeeks using the All Aboard platform. They showcase the numerous capabilities and possibilities that gamification in corporate or business training and game based training have to offer.

About Indusgeeks
Indusgeeks delivers simulations that are LMS/CMS friendly and provides intelligent analytics about user activity with the objective of helping businesses achieve their objectives. Business simulations are a cost-effective way to reduce time to train, boost efficiency, and increase productivity levels. For over eight years now, Indusgeeks has worked with governments, corporations, and academic institutions around the world to reconstruct legacy learning content into immersive gamification, fun, and sales training gamification solutions that involve learners and captivate their attention. The benefits of corporate training games are immense. Indusgeeks uses their content transformation platform, INIT, and are able to create customized gamification solutions for some corporate training processes.

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