Ransomware Virus Hit More Businesses Hacking More Data

CyberSecurity The New Front In the War for Business Data

San Antonio, TX -- (SBWire) -- 05/30/2017 --It's more necessary than ever to put a cybersecurity moat around one's websites and company data. Consider the recent case of a hacker collective that stole NSA tools that were published on the internet and used to release the Ransomware virus. Exploiting a bit of code in a Microsoft program used the world over, someone was able to use the exploit to cripple businesses and endanger the lives of hospital patients as well as cut off access to financial accounts and play with infrastructure worldwide. All the user caught on the downside needed to do was pay money to release their data or website from being held hostage. Now, more than ever, safe-guarding and protecting one's web properties and securing one's cyber data is of utmost importance. And no one understands that more than cybersecurity expert Kieran Upadrasta (www.kieranupadrasta.com).

Upadrastra has over eighteen years experience and has built that into one of the leading cyber security management firms Cybersecurity CG (www.cybersecuritycg.co.uk/) with expertise in incident response, crises management, major incident management, threat analysis and risk management.

"Firms need anti-malware and a security team able to handle incident response before it happens," says Upadrastra. "Ddos attacks such as this recent one, are on the rise and sure to cripple any business or firm if security is not prioritized. It's enough to make a business owner WannaCry, which, incidentally was the name of the most recent malware release."

"Ransomware is quite sophisticate," explains Upadastra. "The malware blocks the victim's access to their files, allowing access to the files again only after an arbitrarily assigned ransom, often in the hundreds or thousands of dollars is paid. One requires both backups and baseline protection to avoid data loss and other troubles."

Upadastra and his firm have helped many businesses secure their data and resources. He specializes in reviewing infrastructure and putting together exactly the right team to secure it protecting firms and their data so their bottom line isn't affected.

For more information, visit www.kieranupadrasta.com.

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Kieran Upadrasta (http://www.kieranupadrasta.com) offers both full risk assessments while teaching corporate cultures a climate of cyber hygiene for those companies seeking to take a proactive approach to cyber security. Upadrasta has over eighteen years experience in the fields of business analysis, consulting, security architecture, assessments, threat analysis and risk management. An expert in incident response, crises management, major incident management, stakeholder engagement, and mapping requirements he is also a member of the London chapter of International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc., of the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium as well as a member of the London chapter of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association and the Professional Risk Management International Association.

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