Penny Fidget Spinner Launches Two New Colors, Increases Spin Time

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 06/15/2017 --Not only does the best-selling Penny Fidget Spinner from Pletoy launched its two new color designs recently, it also upgraded its features to provide longer spinning time—an impressive addition to many fidget spinner metal fans' growing collection.

A remarkable response seen through excellent sales greeted Pletoy's now popular Penny fidget spinner when it was launched in Amazon at the end of May 2017. Hundreds of orders were made on the first few days and customers kept coming, but instead of stopping at that and maintain its already notable sales rate, the overwhelming response only inspired Pletoy to further improve the toy and make it better for everyone.

This is what Amos Lee, Pletoy's Operations Manager said, emphasizing that the company "is all about innovation and giving more to our customers." He also added that, "we understand the changing needs and preferences of our customers and we adopt to that, which is why we launch these new varieties—two new colors for the Penny fidget spinner to offer teens and kids more alternative."

Apart from the two new color designs, the Pletoy Penny fidget spinner has also improved its performance through bearing upgrade to an 8 black bead ceramic 605 bearing that offers ultra-long spinning time bringing it up to a maximum of 7 minutes from the average 3-minute spin.

"What people love about our fidget spinners is their quiet performance. You can barely hear a sound when it spins." Lee said, adding that the secret to his is the use of premium ceramic bearings and forging a well-balanced triangle metal body frame. "This makes it ideal for offices and schools where you can use it without getting other's attention."

He adds: "The upgrade we made for Penny fidget spinner still offers this silent spinning feature. The problem with some spinners is its loud, it gets other people's attention and it can distract others while classes are going on, which is why a lot of teachers are against using it inside the classroom. The Penny fidget spinner doesn't work like that."

Pletoy is set to launch more designs and upgrades to its roster of fidget spinners that fans need to watch out for.

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