Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Australasia 2017

Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWire) -- 08/11/2017 --We are pleased to officially announce the finalists for the 6th annual Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Australasia (SGSCA).

2017 promises to be the most exciting challenge we have seen, with entries taking a serious approach to everything from Aboriginal Australia to the International Space Station.

Finalists will showcase their games in the exhibition hall at the Australasian Simulation Congress, presenting them at a special Serious Games Showcase & Challenge session hosted by technology pioneer Mark Pesce on Wednesday August 30th.

Winners will receive instant entry and $2500 financial support to attend and display their game at the global Serious Games Showcase & Challenge held as part of I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida, November 27th-December 1st 2017.


Comprehensive Assessment

The 'Comprehensive Assessment' game forms part of a Rural Generalist Nurse online learning program. The program aims to support and extend the clinical knowledge base and skills of registered nurses working as generalist nurses in rural or remote settings. The game was designed for new registered nurses but can be played by nurses who are more experienced. The learning in the game reinforces the necessity of taking a thorough and systematic approach to assessing and treating every patient that presents to a rural health facility. Medical Officers see the game as useful to inform doctors of the work and skill expected from rural nurses and to improve communication between the two professions.

Opaque Space

Earthlight places the players into the role of an astronaut on board the International Space Station, giving them the chance to not only experience human spaceflight but also contribute to the journey in meaningful ways.

Opaque Space is currently working in collaboration with NASA HRL and other NASA facilities - and Earthlight is a platform more than a game or a singular experience. Assets from the game, ranging from the Earth model to task-driven puzzles, are being actively integrated at NASA JSC to augment existing efforts and programs.

Supporting Behaviours
University Sunshine Coast with Bondi Labs

Supporting Behaviours is an application that delivers competency based behaviour identification and intervention simulation training and assessment to those involved in the healthcare sector and has utility for institutional and community based home care settings. The application focuses on: behaviour identification; root cause analysis intervention and risk mitigation encompassing a variety of behaviours (e.g. aggression, anxiety, confusion/disorientation, self-harm, and withdrawal) that relate to certain conditions in the patients. Users are presented with dynamic scenarios based on client profiles.


Minda Fun With Feelings
Boxhead Productions for Minda Inc

Minda Fun With Feelings consists of three 'mini games'; Peaceful Park, Marble Golf, and Target Your Feelings.

These games are drawn from a review of current literature and market research regarding mental health/ well being and adults with an intellectual disability. An understanding of our own emotions (education) and coping strategies (regulation) are important aspects of looking after our mental health. Adults living with ID are more likely to experience mental health concerns.

Virtual Kamay
Bilbie Virtual Labs

Virtual Kamay is an authentic and historically accurate serious survival simulation that immerses the user into a virtual heritage based landscape. They are challenged to learn about the lives, language, cultural practices and heritage of Australia's First Nations people, living around what is now known as Botany Bay.

Players learn what bush food to gather, what tools and weapons to craft, where to hunt animals, and how to make shelter, all whilst adhering to the teachings and wisdom of the Elders.

Valley General Hospital
Visitor Vision

Valley General Hospital is a digital environment for virtual simulation training for the health industry. Players are able to learn how to operate a life support device in a low risk and highly available environment.

A friendly voice will guide you through a simple scenario with true-to-life representations of hospital equipment and surroundings. With hands on experience, you will develop the skills of a trained health professional.

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