Parents Refusing to Treat Their Children's Head Lice Puts Others at Risk

This press release is to announce to readers that parents who refuse to treat their children’s head lice are putting others at risk and that Advice on Lice can quickly and effectively eradicate the child’s head lice infestation.

Kensington, MD -- (SBWire) -- 09/18/2017 --There is a new trend around the United States and the U.K. of parents not treating their children's head lice. The reasoning behind this tends to be that they don't want to expose their children to chemicals or that they simply don't want to be bothered with the situation. While head lice do not pose a threat to life, prolonging treatment can mean spreading it to other people (children more than likely) and also risking skin infection from excessively scratching the scalp. Advice on Lice, in the industry since 2007, effectively and safely eradicates head lice at their Head lice treatment salon located in Maryland and they do not encourage parents to put off seeking treatment for themselves or their children.

A representative of Advice on Lice talked about the safety of their head lice treatments, "Our Head Lice Treatment Center in MD offers a comprehensive head lice removal procedure. Our procedure may begin with the application of either an over the counter lice killing shampoo or Lice MD non-pesticide lice eliminating treatment, followed by a complete rinse out and thorough comb out to remove the nits (eggs). This anti-lice treatment oil is in great demand. The lice MD is an oil and silicone base product which suffocates the lice when applied properly by combing it in layer by layer and leaving it on 20 to 25 minutes. If at home applications have been done within 3-5 days we offer full comb outs to ensure the head lice nits have been removed. We have always offered our clients pesticide free treatments and will continue to do so in the future. They are safe and effective. Call us at 240-242-4267 to schedule an appointment."

About Advice on Lice
Advice on Lice, Inc. was officially established in November 2007, but the work of the company began at least ten years before. Started as a personal mission for Karen Franco who volunteered in programs attended by children to help screen for head lice in order to prevent outbreaks, Advice on Lice is where visitors receive comprehensive information on the condition. Through the years, Advice on Lice has acquired a great deal of knowledge on the subject and how best to treat it to accomplish eradication.

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