Rock Salt USA Liquid De-Icer Increases Performance


Berkeley, MO -- (SBWire) -- 01/08/2018 --Rock Salt USA provides an effective tool for melting ice as temperatures lunge to severe lows across much of the country.

Pre-wetting bulk salt with liquid calcium chloride can reduce usage of bulk salt by up to 30 percent. That's partly because the wet salt sticks to the road better as it leaves the truck and traffic runs over it. That means less salt must be applied.

Wet salt also starts melting ice faster than dry salt. Depending on the liquid salt used, it can also reduce the effective temperature to -20 degrees by speeding up the ice melting action.

A calcium chloride brine releases heat, making it more effective than conventional rock salt.

Liquid de-icer sold by Rock Salt USA is available in 5 and 275 gallon containers. Ossian de-icer can be picked up at Rock Salt USA's St. Louis location or delivered by dry van. The purchase of a 275-gallon tote comes with a free Chapin de-icing backpack sprayer.

Much of the Midwest and Northeast are already seeing highs in the single digits or below zero only a few weeks after the start of winter. Southern states are seeing unusually icy roads as temperatures dip below freezing at night, making rain-covered roads slick. Liquid de-icers and other products sold by Rock Salt USA can help keep driving and walking surfaces safe during these extreme temperatures.

Rock Salt USA also sells other wholesale commercial ice melt products to battle the ice including bulk rock salt, treated bulk salt and magnesium chloride melting pellets. The company guarantees that its products melt the ice accumulated on walkways, parking lots and stairways.

Its website includes a new bulk salt calculator to help customers calculate how much of a supply they need.

For more information about Rock Salt USA and its liquid de-icer, visit its website at or call 884-725-8872.

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