Handyman of the Future: Innovative Fault-Finding Methods Arrive in London

London, UK -- (SBWire) -- 01/10/2018 --Goodman Handyman promises to soon transform the handyman service industry in the English capital for the better. One of London's most trusted handyman service providers is starting the new year with a bang thanks to the addition of modern fault-finding equipment to its collection of advanced professional tools. With that, the ambitious company is set to greatly improve the quality of many of the services that it offers, as well as to handle emergency electrical and plumbing jobs in an exceptionally time-efficient manner.

The new troubleshooting equipment that Goodman Handyman's reliable teams are already using as of the beginning of 2018, was purchased in the autumn of 2017. However, the reputable company decided to delay the tools' launch date in order to provide its personnel with additional training aimed to improve the professionals' understanding of the way the gadgets are designed to operate. Therefore, each certified handyman who is a member of the firm's team is now fully-prepared to adequately and safely use the new-generation fault locators.

Goodman Handyman will be the first handyman company in London to rely on the modern fault-finding gadgets. The equipment is already widely used in other Western European countries such as Germany, Austria and Denmark and it has been fully approved by all UK registered trade associations and the related UK authorities. The special thing about this type of fault locators is that, currently, they are the most advanced such units available on the global market. The accuracy of each of them is impressive and unmatched which is why skilled handymen can fully trust it. The devices are also easy to use and they are made to work in various weather conditions, including in heat, cold, snow, as well as in London's famous rain.

The number of troubleshooting devices purchased by Goodman Handyman is 14. Half of the units are water leak fault locators and the other half is specifically designed for electrical fault finding. This means that the trusted handyman service provider will improve the quality of both its plumbing and electrical services. Initial tests carried out by the company show that with the use of the new equipment, the standard time for locating a pipe leak can be reduced by more than 30%. Even more remarkable were the tests with the electrical fault-finding devices as they were found to help qualified handymen to repair damaged cables, sockets and switches nearly two times faster than the usual.

For present and future clients of Goodman Handyman, the availability of this unique technology would mean faster and more competitively priced plumbing and electrical services in London. Also, the company will now be able to take on more emergency handyman jobs than ever before which is yet another great piece of news for its customers.

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Goodman Handyman is a leading provider of insured handyman services in London. The company specialises in everything from carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting and even pest control services. It covers all areas in Central, North and South London and it has received wide recognition for its forward-thinking business ideas and strategies in the handyman industry.

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