Forex Trading Powerhouse TradingFX Gives Users "Massive Profits" with Brand New Range Bar Charting Program

Conestoga, PA -- (SBWire) -- 05/05/2011 -- In response to the growing demand for effective Forex trading tools, TradingFx is announcing the release of their new proprietary range bar charting software that helps traders generate “massive profits” while trading on the Forex platform.

According to the Wall Street Journal, TradingFX has earned a reputation as creating some of the most advanced and innovative systems available on the market for successful online trading. Recently they have added to that reputation by releasing their new software that allows users to make long term profits on Forex Trading regardless of their skill level or experience.

The software is called the “range bar graph,” and it helps users track pure price movement rather than the standard time-frame based charting formula typical of other Forex trading systems. Users can also monitor the currency pairs in chosen price ranges to create a consistent, across the board chart view not available with other platforms. In the end, the system has been statistically proven to reduce lag times from all indicators and oscillators and to exponentially increase the performance of the technical studies and tools.

For Mark Welner, who started the program in March, this new trading strategy makes the TradingFX system extremely profitable: “When I first got into trading several months ago I didn’t know what I was doing. But taking the advice of my business partner, who has been trading for 10 years, I decided to give TradingFX a try. With the range bar graph I’m able to see the big picture and from the get go I was making profits. I would suggest this system to anyone, regardless of their experience level or skill with online trading.”

The TradingFX system was created by trading Guru Derek Schimming who has over 24 years of trading experience. Not only does his system give users access to proprietary software such as the Range Bar Trading Strategy, but he takes it a step further by walking his clients through every phase of the training process; allowing even the most inexperienced traders to make money fast with his field tested system.

So far the new software has been met with rave reviews from the online trading community. TradingFX has even been named the best online foreign exchange trading system by ‘Global Finance Magazine.’ It’s no wonder they have earned a reputation for being the most innovative and forward-thinking online trading platforms on the internet. To learn more about TradingFX, please visit:

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