Pattern Trucks from J-Tech Provide Safer Solutions for Highway Workers

Chester Springs, PA -- (SBWire) -- 03/15/2018 --Pattern trucks from J-Tech, a company that is located in Chester Springs, PA, provide safer solutions for highway workers across the United States. Sold by J-Tech, the trucks come with an optional Dynamic Lift System (DLS), which is designed to reduce worker fatigue and injury.

Those seeking a more efficient way to deploy traffic cones, panels, and channelizers are encouraged to consider using the pattern trucks from J-Tech. Pattern trucks with the hydraulic unit (DLS) allow workers to lift vertical panels up and down, speeding jobs up to 50%. Hydraulic units also have the capability to adjust ride height to accommodate to changes on the road.

Whether a highway worker or company is using a cone, barrel, or vertical panel, their trucks are equipped with the right tools to do the job. J-Tech offers pattern trucks on daily, weekly, or monthly rental periods. They also provide the option of installing a body and manbasket onto a customer's chassis. All J-Tech asks is for customers to bring their needs to them, and they will find a solution that will work.

Along with pattern trucks, J-Tech is known for providing many other types of highway solutions, including but not limited to speed signs and truck-mounted attenuators. Founded in 1993, the organization has almost 25 years of experience in the industry.

Those looking to promote job site safety, provide added protection, and maintain compliance with state and federal regulations can turn to J-Tech. To learn more about pattern trucks and their benefits, give the J-Tech team a call at 610-816-0380 or visit them at

About J-Tech
J-Tech, based in Chester Springs, PA, was founded in 1993. This company sells, rents, and custom builds attenuator trucks, including crash, cushion, and pattern trucks. Through an extensive dealer network that spans across the United States, they also repair and rebuild vents, pumps, valves, and tank wash spinners for the tank truck industry as well as a provide a variety of other products and services.

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