Peeling Away the Misinformation

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 06/01/2011 --Glycolic acid. Many people are wary of the very name and completely shy away from the thought of having it on their face. But the truth is, glycolic acid peels can be a rejuvenating and perfectly safe beauty treatment.

A new website,, has been created to try and sort the fact from the fiction when it comes to glycolic acid peel treatment. The treatment is well known amongst beauty professionals as a gentle and natural way to prevent aging signs and refresh the skin.

Glycolic acid is all natural and sugar cane based and doesn’t create the types of harsh burning people usually associate with the word ‘acid’. Glycolic acid is widely used in beauty products and varies greatly in percentage concentrations from three percent home use treatments to higher concentrations used by dermatologists.

The treatment is used to create a more youthful look in patients or to assist patients suffering from acne. Glycolic acid works to separate the bonds between dead skin cells and the face to gently exfoliate and allow new, fresh skin to come through.

Creators of said the misinformation and sometimes negative stigma attached to acid peels was “driving people away from the treatment when they could really benefit from it.

“Glycolic peels are a fantastic way to create that healthy, fresh faced look but people see the word ‘acid’ and get a little scared. If you use the product correctly and don’t overdo it, it is very safe and gets great results,” the creator of the site said.

One of the best features of the site is the chance for people wanting to know more about the treatment to ask questions and leave comments to be answered by the glycolic peel guru. The creator said “people regularly write in wanting to know either general information about glycolic peels or other types of acid peels. And some write in wanting to know about the best way to treat their particular condition.”

The site gives information about a variety of different treatments – whether they are creams, toners, cleansers, lotions or peels relating to acne or aging. The also guides people through the maze of other potential treatments such as lactic acid or salicylic acid.

It is definitely time a site designed to give people the best possible information and advice on what is a safe and effective treatment was established. Check out the site at

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