Satellite Phone Provider Expands Options and Website

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 06/15/2011 --Satellite and world cell phone provider Mobal communications recently expanded its Website for buyers and renters of prepaid satellite phones and world phone services. A new comprehensive buyer’s guide with a variety of prepaid and postpaid phones with purchase and rental options is now available online. This new information is bolstered by Mobal making its resident Satellite phone expert Stephen Clough available to buyers and renters for consultation.

As America’s number one international cell phone & satellite phone provider for corporate and leisure travelers, Mobal Communications is dedicated to providing the best options and information on satellite and world phones for users throughout the world. The company’s Satellite phones and world phone service have been used by fortune 50 companies like Coca Cola, news broadcast organizations such as the BBC and ABC as well as more than 90,000 leisure travelers since 1989. Mobal’s offices and support services around the world ensure that users stay connected to home no matter what remote part of the world they are in.

“I’ve traveled the world for over 25 years and the security of having available communication without fail at an affordable price has been the biggest improvements in my business and personal travels,” said Ray Schwartz. In the event that I have questions, a quick call connects me to a live expert to guide me through.”

Making a satellite phone purchase or needing a prepaid satellite phone is a necessity for thousands of U.S. travelers abroad. Mobal’s GSM World phones and SIM cards, prepaid satellite phones and the unparalleled Iridium Satellite phone allow callers to make and receive calls from even the most remote parts of the world.

Travelers to Korea and Japan can rent a cell phone compatible with the country’s specialized technology platforms for uninterrupted communication within and outside the country. A North American rental program can provide cell phone rentals for special events with any number of international travelers who need to stay in touch.

The company’s range of rental rates and prepaid packages can accommodate most any budget or duration in order to fit the customer’s needs. The convenience of owning a Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) is a necessity of convenience for many users and Mobal Communications Inc. works hard to provide affordable options and comprehensive support for these users every day.

“Our mission is to provide flawless uninterrupted cell phone service for world travelers at an affordable price, then back up that technology with straightforward billing options and personal service,” said Mobal Chairman Tony Smith. Ultimately, we provide peace of mind when it comes to staying in touch for international travelers whether it is business or leisure.” For more information about Mobal International Cell Phones, please visit:

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