Revolutionary Trading System With Consistently High Results Causes a Stir Amongst Traders

Waxahachie, TX -- (SBWire) -- 06/22/2011 --The stock market is a volatile business, and it is easy to become disheartened when efforts and investments don’t give the expected return. There are myriad stock market trading systems promising big results to traders, and Emini Day Trading is proving to be a reliable, effective route for traders who are tired of losing money and tired of failure. Many traders are now turning to the Emini Trading System for a simple and effective strategy to help them benefit from the stock market and achieve long term results that speak for themselves.

Joseph Ford is a professional trading system developer and trading expert who has gained invaluable knowledge of the stock market over the last 20 years. His speciality is developing and testing mechanical trading systems that can be programmed and automated through software. Ford founded the company OEX Street in 1999 to provide guidance for the average investor and offer long term results and success by using the Emini Trading techniques that set realistic expectations for investors. The pinnacle of this is Propero, a trading system that became available to the public on 1 April 2008, and has since achieved consistent, successful results that have set it apart from other trading systems. This means that rather than producing great results in one quarter and failing in the next, Propero’s results are most consistently successful throughout the year.

Cut to 2011 and Joseph Ford and his company OEX Street recently graced the front cover of Futures Truth magazine, an independent third party publication that tracks trading systems and publishes the results on their website. Futures Truth has monitored and charted the Propero System since 2008, and it has now reached the magazine’s highly selective and celebrated top 10 tables, cropping up in a range of categories thanks to its impressive results.

Propero is most active when the stock market is volatile, and vice versa. The system is extremely selective and seeks out volatile sessions and positions itself in the direction of the trend. Propero trades on the strongest and weakest days, producing better results than other trading systems whilst trading only a fraction of the time, making it an extremely effective, user friendly option for the everyday trader.

What’s more, the OEX Street website offers a comprehensive explanation of the services on offer, alongside listings of the system’s results and general must-read information on the stock market, offering the perfect resources for traders looking to turn a corner and those looking for their first foray into the world of trading.

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