P-Chloro Benzo Trifluoride Market: Industry Latest Major Segments and Key Trends for Upcoming Years


Albany, NY -- (SBWire) -- 05/30/2018 --P-chloro benzo trifluoride also known as parachlorobenzotrifluoride is primarily an organic chemical compound and is abbreviated as PCBTF. The organic compound exists as a colorless liquid and has a distinct sweet odor. P- chloro benzo trifluoride is globally distributed under various brand names including SMC Spec 900 and Oxsol among others.

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P-chloro benzo trifluoride has a wide range of applications, which include ink solvent in the printing industry and as a component of low VOC compliant polyurethane type finishes. In addition, the organic compound is used largely in the paint and coating industry. P- chloro benzo trifluoride is employed as an additive in acrylic coatings. Furthermore, p- chloro benzo trifluoride is used as substitute for xylene in thinners, aromatic hydrocarbon blends and in cleaners. However, the organic compound if inhaled targets the central nervous system, liver and kidneys. Hence, precautions must be taken while handling the compound.

The key driver for the p- chloro benzo trifluoride market is its use as an additive in acrylic coatings. Acrylic coatings are mostly used on building structures. Its use is not restricted only to the exterior of buildings but can also be applied to the interior of a building structure or house. These coatings can be applied over steel, wood, aluminum, concrete, masonry, aluminum, zinc rich primers, buildings, equipment, piping among others. Acrylic coatings are preferred coatings for external home structures especially during the wet season as they are water resistant; hence, the demand is bound to increase. These coatings are known to be thermoplastic and thermosetting and hence can be applied on organic solvent borne, waterborne powder or radiation- curable formulations. Furthermore, acrylic coatings are used in three main categories of the paint and coating market, which include architectural coatings, product finishes for original equipment manufacturer and special-purpose coatings. Acrylic coatings are one of the few leading finishes that are available in the market today that do not cause any harm to walls and hence they have surpassed alkyd finishes. Since these coatings provide good finishing to structures they are very famous in the architectural field, which require intricate finishes and will not add in the ruining of the structure. Hence, the growth in the acrylic coatings market is anticipated to boost the market for p- chloro benzo trifluoride over the forecast period. The growth in the acrylic coatings market can be attributed to the growing infrastructural projects taken up by various regions. The acrylic market is rising due to consumer confidence and its affordability. The acrylic coating market is expected to be the fastest growing sectors in the coating industry owing to its excellent color retention when exposed to outdoor wet conditions and due to its inertness. This is anticipated to boost the acrylic coatings market, which will consequently boost the market for p- chloro benzo trifluoride over the next few years.

The major regions present in the p- chloro benzo trifluoride market include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW). North America was a one of the major markets for p- chloro benzo trifluoride but as of now it is a mature market and there is no much scope for further growth. Europe especially Western Europe was also one of the largest markets for p- chloro benzo trifluoride but lost its standing in the recent past to Asia pacific countries and Latin American countries, which are growing economies.

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The market demand for p- chloro benzo trifluoride in these regions is likely to be driven by the growth in the acrylic coating industry. The market for acrylic coatings is rising in these region due to the increase in residential demand in urban areas and the infrastructural projects taken up by various countries in the region especially developing countries like India, Brazil and China.

Some of the key company manufacturing p- chloro benzo trifluoride includes Special Materials Company amongst others.

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