Clothing Company Invites the World to Say Huhlo with Style

Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWire) -- 06/18/2018 --BrandName USA has kicked off the start of Summer Vacation with a global call-to-action aimed at bringing people together with one simple word.

"Sometimes, saying 'huhlo' isn't so easy, but wearing huhlo® brand clothing is now an option," said a spokesperson for BrandName USA. "We realize that a simple 'huhlo' can change the vibe around us in a positive way. Join us as we spread 'the word' – one 'huhlo' at a time."

Huhlo® is a global brand of parent company, BrandName USA. The purpose of huhlo® is to connect people through a common and universally understood language of friendship and trust that transcends geographic or cultural barriers. In a world experiencing so much divisiveness, a simple 'huhlo' can make a positive difference in someone's day. The message that huhlo® brings to the table, aligns with BrandName USA's mission of "creating products that make a difference and affect people's lives in a positive way".

The huhlo® brand intends to help wearers create a positive atmosphere around them with a simple 'huhlo' and saying it fashionably with T-shirts for men, women and youths in vivid colors, featuring an assortment of frontal designs. Men's sizes are available in S-3XL, women's sizes come in S-XL, and youth sizes 4-12, all of which are emblazoned with a welcoming huhlo® greeting. Classic huhlo® brand T-shirts, with and without the 'smile' symbol, make it easy for anyone to deliver a friendly greeting to the world at large.

Las Vegas is known the world over for its positive energy, glamorous image, and high-octane lifestyle. Even mention of the city brings to mind bright lights and an environment infused with excitement and a zest for life that's epitomized by the Las Vegas Strip. BrandName USA infuses its other global brand, TimeForVegas® casual wear, with that same vitality. Like the huhlo® brand, TimeForVegas® also attempts to bring people together.

TimeForVegas® brand T-shirts feature different frontal designs from which to choose, each boldly featuring the TimeForVegas® logo. Vibrant colors are available for men, women and youngsters. Lightweight and comfortable, they come in children's sizes 6-12, women's shirts are offered in sizes S-XL, and for men in S-3XL to accommodate varying body types.

The huhlo® brand of social lifestyle apparel by BrandName USA is just one way that the company is working to bring positive energy to people who wear the brand and those around them by association. Available in multiple sizes and colors to please a variety of preferences, the company encourages everyone to just say 'huhlo', in the spirit of passing it on.

About huhlo®
huhlo® is a social lifestyle brand that brings positive energy to casual wear. The huhlo® message is one of universal trust and friendship.

About BrandName USA
Our mission is to create products that make a difference and affect people's lives in a positive way. BrandName USA engages primarily in the design and licensing of men's, women's, and children's apparel products in the United States of America. BrandName USA properties consist of the TimeForVegas® and huhlo® trademarks.

BrandName USA, LLC is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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