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Allvoi Wireless Explains the Advantages of 5G Over 4G


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2019 -- With the Internet of Things making connectivity between electronics increasingly prevalent, people will need mobile data capabilities that can handle all of these connections without crashing or slowing down their devices. That's why people will soon become increasingly dependent on the fifth generation of cellular network technology: 5G mobile data, which will soon be available with month to month cell phone plans from Allvoi Wireless.

When 4G was introduced a decade ago, it made it possible to watch mobile HD TV and make high-quality video calls. That was revolutionary, but 5G has the potential to be even more of a game-changer in the communications industry.

There are already billions of IoT-connected devices, and the number is rapidly increasing with each passing day. With speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G, 5G will facilitate interconnectivity among these devices without being vulnerable to the bandwidth problems that often befall 3G and 4G devices.

Compared to that of its 4G predecessor, 5G signal strength will decrease latency, which is the amount of time that passes between information being sent from a device to the moment that data can be used by the device receiving the information. Less latency means less waiting for downloads and uploads, less buffering when trying to watch a video, and less chance of a network crash.

Eventually, 5G will, in essence, render 4G technology obsolete, and that day may be closer than most mobile users realize. 5G will be available from Allvoi Wireless at the same it will be provided from other companies; the difference with Allvoi Wireless is their dedicated and knowledgeable customer service and prices that offer huge savings. One thing 5G won't change is the fact that Allvoi Wireless offers the best month to month cell service available. Contact Allvoi Wireless today!

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