Artist’s Way workshop

Artist's Way Workshop Inspires L.A. Creatives in Unimaginable Ways

Most Students Find Themselves Making a Life Change


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Now is an ideal time for individuals to learn how to open up and channel their vital creative life force and find true purpose, especially in a town like Los Angeles. Creative Life offers an intensive 10-session Artist’s Way Workshop (based on the bestselling) designed to help people from all walks of life recover their creativity from resistance, criticism, jealousy, fears, perfectionism, stress and other limiting blocks that can do just that.

“After completing the Artist’s Way workshop, people find their unique, authentic voice and find the courage to start new businesses, change jobs, or receive promotions,” said Kelly Morgan, owner of Creative Life. “They may start painting or playing the piano for the first time since childhood, start speaking up for themselves, telling the truth and believe in themselves.”

People from all walks of life can benefit from the skills gained in The Artist’s Way workshop. Even if they have never considered themselves an artist in any way. Those who are tired of working alone, feel burned out or underpaid, seeking inspiration or just need a new sense of direction. It’s also ideal for those who may feel energized and ready to earn more money and take more risks, but aren’t sure how to start. A supportive creative community can be found at this workshop.

“Many people who take the class are in transition, either ending or beginning something, be it a phase of their life, a job or a relationship,” said Morgan. “Often they’re ending or starting a new career or even want to change their current one and graduates consistently report increased confidence, productivity and an ability to connect to their creativity.”

The Artist Way workshop begins October 1, 2012 at Gateway Portal - 2511 S. Barrington Avenue - Los Angeles, California 90064. Please visit or join us on Facebook for more information.

About Creative Life
For over fifteen years, Kelly Morgan has provided a safe place for hundreds of people to stop judging their unique expression and translate their vital creative energy into action. Kelly never imagined she would one day grow up to be a poet, dancer and author who teaches creativity workshops for a living. She began her career as an advertising executive and sold the creative services of illustrators, designers, copywriters, photographers and other commercial artists to Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies. Kelly told the artists that I represented “you’re the creative one, not me.” A decade later, she’s witnessed hundreds of people transform. A very practical person, Kelly has tried to figure out why people get so much out of the Creative Life workshops and she can’t really explain it. They just work! She has watched scientists and actors, waitresses and business owners, creative directors and journalists, all kinds of creative people benefit in different ways. Often more than they ever imagined.