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Best Weight Loss Books for January 2013 Are Revealed at Articate.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- A popular product review website has just been discussing the best diet and weight loss books for January 2013. In other words those that could really help people achieve their weight loss goals in 2013.

They have looked at the most popular weight loss books for the month of January, and listed those that seem to have the best customer feedback.

The top-selling book at the present time is one that has received a lot of publicity in the United States. It went on sale towards the end of December, and has subsequently received lots of positive customer reviews.

This book aims to help people lose 20 pounds over the course of 6 weeks, and it does this by providing readers with a special low GI diet that is very easy to follow. It seems to work as well because lots of people have said that they have lost weight following this program.

Another book that is recommended is one that discusses trigger foods that are said to be healthy, but can actually be hindering many people's efforts to lose weight.

There is also a recommendation for an 8-hour diet book that is based around eating during a specific 8 hour window, and eating 8 'superfoods' each day, in order to reset the metabolism and put the body into fat-burning mode all day long.

In addition, both the Eat to Live and Wheat Belly books get a mention because these are still two of the best-selling diet books in January, as does a new book which is all about sugar, and how this has made the whole nation a lot fatter over the years.

Finally the article ends by listing several other diet books that have either just been released in the last few weeks, or are due to be released later in the month.

Details of all of these books that were named the best weight loss books in January (2013) can be found at:


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