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Big Timber Tree Service Advises on Essential Fall Tree-Care Tips


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2019 -- As the colder weather draws nearer, the tree care professionals at Big Timber Tree Service have advised on some essential tips for optimum tree health throughout autumn. As the leading provider of 24-hour emergency storm services, tree cutting, and tree removal in Pennsauken, their team has provided premium tree and stump removal services across Camden and Burlington counties for over three decades. They are fully licensed and insured to handle a wealth of tree care needs.

To prepare trees for colder weather, Big Timber Tree Service recomms adding composted organic mulch beneath trees during the fall or early winter. This helps them to retain water and reduce the temperature extremes in the soil, since thin layers of mulch act as a blanket and protect the roots of the tree. Additionally, trees need water throughout the winter, just as in summer. Occasionally watering young trees during the winter can save their lives. However, the soil should be watered when trees are cool, not frozen.

Branches can break or split due to the accumulation of ice and snow or damage from passing animals. These problems can be prevented in younger trees if their bases are wrapped in plastic guards or metal hardware cloth. Covering trees in a small layer of burlap or plastic cloth can help to prevent temperature damage.

Fall is an excellent time to prune trees as they are dormant during the colder months. It's also much easier to see a tree's structure when the leaves have been shed, and the branches are visible. Pruning is vital for the health of plants and trees as it helps to relieve stress and encourages their structures to keep growing. However, Big Timber Tree Service has advised that all trees are different, and must be pruned at the correct time and in the right manner. Failure to follow pruning procedures can make a tree more susceptible to injury.

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