Binary Options Purveyor TradeRush Reports Record-Setting Growth

Recent monthly activity totals eclipse company's impressive previous highs


Gibraltar, Cadiz -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2014 -- Binary options trading platform TradeRush recently announced record levels of growth. Founded in 2011, the company allows investors to easily establish positions regarding equities, commodities, market indexes and other measures. In contrast to the traditional options that many investors are familiar with, those offered on TradeRush's platform pay off a fixed amount. "Since we launched several years ago, investors have been excited about our binary options offerings and our platform's ease of use," stated TradeRush representative Michael Peterss, "We've met their demand with great eagerness and have been thrilled about the record levels of sign-ups and trading activity over the past few months."

A relatively recent financial innovation, the binary options TradeRush offers are designed to simplify things for investors. Instead of their final value varying according to the price level of an underlying factor, they pay off a set amount when particular conditions are met. This style of options trading makes it much easier for occasional and smaller investors to get involved. "We take great pride in the reliability and simplicity of our trading platform," Peterss said, "We understand how important it is for less-experienced investors to be able to get started with this opportunity, and we do everything we can to help them succeed and grow, including offering a free binary trading guide." The company's complete trading video set helps even less-confident investors become comfortable with this style of trading, as well.

"In addition to making it easy for beginners to get started, we're also committed to ensuring that veterans find everything they need," Peterss continued, "That means offering an industry-leading menu of asset choices, as well as making sure that the potential returns are better than anywhere else." TradeRush offers options based on over 100 different assets, including currencies, index levels, major equities, and even pairs of these. Option terms run from sixty seconds up to six months, so investors can stake out positions over any time frame they desire. TradeRush also leads its competitors in offering the highest potential returns on these many binary options, with 60-second binary options paying up to 81% when they finish in the money. Returns of this level, especially when coupled with short-term options, can allow investors to make up to 500% in a single session of trading.

Despite accommodating record growth, the company has never strayed from its dedication to security. TradeRush employs experienced outside auditing companies to oversee its technological and financial procedures and has an unblemished record of protecting investors and their assets. It has also designed its platform to scale easily, so it can quickly ramp up as needed when even more investors come on board.

About TradeRush
Founded in 2011, Gibraltar-based TradeRush, Inc. quickly leaped to the front of the growing pack of binary options trading platforms. Today the company is both the fastest-growing and one of the largest in the industry and continues to expand and enhance its extensive binary options offerings.