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Bitcoin Ruby Releases Innovative Whitepaper


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2018 -- Bitcoin Ruby released its Whitepaper today. It uses an innovative algorithm based on Keltner Channels to Regulate itself, so that it is not as volatile as other currencies. It also generates unique artwork for every Bitcoin Ruby transaction, so there is intrinsic value in the currency.

Bitcoin Ruby's goal is to retain the innovative aspects of Bitcoin while addressing its main issues. The tenants of Bitcoin Ruby are:

Fast transaction times
True decentralization
Low volatility
Intrinsic Value

Bitcoin Ruby allows for Flexibility. This makes Bitcoin Ruby suitable for lending, storing, saving, spending, paying, and appreciating. Bitcoin Ruby is meant to be a non-volatile currency, which will make lending, saving and storing more reliable. The appreciation aspect is meant in the sense of literally appreciating Bitcoin Ruby Art.

Every Bitcoin Ruby transaction generates a piece of digital artwork. This allows a tangible product to be received by the user with every transaction. The user will be able to view the art in their Bitcoin Ruby wallet. Every piece of art is unique, tied to their internal Bitcoin Ruby Wallet transaction code, acting as a receipt for the transaction. There is a complexity variable which increases as the number of Bitcoin Rubies in the transaction increases. This increases the complexity of the artwork, so a higher value Bitcoin Ruby transaction will generate a piece of art with more shapes, colors, and lines.

The full Whitepaper can be seen at

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About Bitcoin Ruby
Bitcoin Ruby is a crypto-currency that is suited for people who would like to have a consistent and normal way of paying and saving that doesn't have as much volatility as many other cryptocurrencies.

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Company Name: Bitcoin Ruby
Contact Person: John Grasen
Country: United States