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Best solution available in the Market to Block Unwanted Phone Calls - Block Annoying Phone Calls from Telemarketers, Politicians, Banks, Lawyers, Credit cards, Collection Agencies, and Many Others


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- Hi Q Telecom Inc. (, a company that specializes in telephone security and block number solutions is introducing 2 new incoming call blocker devices. These eco-friendly devices allow people to blacklist phone and fax numbers.

Have you ever experienced a sudden interruption of your evening quiet time or family dinner by a phone call from a telemarketer? If so, you’re not alone! The US government receives several complaints daily from people expressing discontent over the ever-growing number of unsolicited telephone marketing calls to their homes, and the increasing use of automated and prerecorded messages. Even though there are laws and procedures for protecting people's privacy, these do not apply to politicians, "non-profit" organizations, and many other businesses. As a result, people's privacy is suffering a great deal, and especially this year by politicians making use of automated recordings and auto-dialing devices for promoting their campaigns.

Features like "call blocking service" and "anonymous call rejection" as offered by companies like AT&T and Verizon, are missing the necessary functionality and features people need to gain control of their phones and privacy.

"Nowadays, people need to find ways to protect themselves," says Al Purrinos, President of, "We are proud to be able to empower consumers to make use of technology to fight telemarketers, automated dialers, pre-recorded messaging systems, and many other telephone gadgets attempting to rob their privacy".

Call blocker devices are a proven solution for people to be able to block unwanted phone and fax calls. These stand-alone electronic devices allow users to block telephone numbers and faxes. Once numbers have been added to the "Blacklist", the phone will stop ringing and privacy will be restored. All our products are easily installed to protect all extensions (phones) connected in a single telephone line. They are also fully compatible with standard telephone signals (PSTN) and most VOIP lines, and line powered (e.g. do not require any external power or batteries). The incoming call block device 803 model comes with an LCD display and a "Blacklist" button that can block up to 1,500 telephone numbers and faxes. The call blocker (model IB-120 model can block up to 80 IDs including entire area codes or individual phone numbers. It also as a "Whitelist" feature to block all incoming calls except those you want to answer (from relatives and friends).

About Hi Q Telecom Inc. is a telecommunications firm based in Miami, FL. Since its inception in 1995, the company has been focusing on providing high quality telephone specialty products and services to consumers in the US and abroad. For more information about block number devices, please visit