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ChefNeeds Launches New Display Refrigerators Perfect for Business Use


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2013 -- ChefNeeds launches state of the art display refrigerators as perfect additions to appliances that facilitate easy and successful baking, now making it possible to preserve and offer expert-quality flavors of cakes and pastries to customers through a professional baking technique.

Display refrigerators are baking appliance that are widely used for the preparation and preservation of cakes and pastries in some of the very best and renowned restaurants worldwide. ChefNeeds had launched several professional cooking appliances for 14 successful years now. It is the preferred distributor of cooking materials to most of New York’s fine dining restaurants and bakeries.

Their unique position in the business as a leader in both professional and domestic kitchen appliances offers an excellent opportunity to drive development through innovation.

The introduction of state of the art kitchen appliances like display refrigerators is an excellent example of how they can leverage the professional heritage to bring new features and kinds of products that cater to the growing interest for baking among clients in the premium segment. These items are made from high quality materials like marble and stainless steel. The storage area is a perfect location for overstock and their doors have been styled to lessen baker’s fatigue. Its inner shelving has been setup to effectively store a huge variety of baked products. Most of these displays are very helpful because of its aesthetic and visual charm. The refrigerated display case keeps a good temperature to get quality preservation.

These new display refrigerators are already out not just New York but also worldwide.

About CHefNeeds
ChefNeeds is a one stop shop for all you restaurant and baking needs. It has been successful in putting to great use their 14 years of distribution experience as well as their passion for the dining and baking business. Based in NYC, they are offering high quality restaurant equipment at reasonable costs in several individual packages. They’ve hit the internet and there’s nothing that could stop them from reaching ever home or local business, for their kitchen needs!

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