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Divorce Information NOW Helps Clients Navigate the Unfamiliar Process of a Divorce


Chesterbrook, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Divorce Information NOW™ LLC educates people about the divorce process before they hire expensive lawyers, financial planners and other experts. They give people getting divorced the knowledge they need to effectively navigate the divorce process.

Divorce is a monumental change in anyone’s life. Whether a person has chosen to divorce, or is being left by their spouse, emotions run the gamut from hurt, anger, fear, sadness, to resentment and guilt. By helping people navigate the unfamiliar process of divorce, Divorce Information NOW provides the ways and means to reduce stress, manage family relationships, and maximize financial results. Their products and services give clients the knowledge & step-by-step guidance needed to more effectively manage each aspect of the divorce process.

With the help and guidance of lawyers, financial professionals, and therapists, the partners of Divorce Information NOW developed and copyrighted a group of products and services which are available on their website, There are several downloadable guides, with topics that include, “Getting Started”, “Financial Information”, “Interviewing/Choosing Lawyers”, “Division of Assets”, “Marital History”, “Parenting Through the Divorce Process”, “Alimony”, and more. Visitors to can also sign up for a membership that includes a private chat room where they can discuss specific questions or problems they have with other members who are also going through the divorce process. as well as a virtual library filled with articles & information written by an exclusive group of experts in the fields of law, finance, real estate, family counseling, dating and personal well-being.

About Divorce Information NOW
Caroline Hirschfeld and Victoria Brooks Melly launched Divorce Information NOW in January of 2010 with their book "DIVORCEapedia: The Who, What, When, Where & How of Divorce". Their mission to help people going through a divorce sprung from their personal exposure to the process. Even with an MBA in Finance from NYU, Caroline found the divorce process intimidating. She found it difficult to quickly and easily access the “right” information that she needed to make the process as painless as possible. Victoria Brooks Melly, who graduated from St. Lawrence University with an Economics Degree, is a happily married mother of three, with extensive experience in product/business development. She wanted to be able to offer “educated support” to friends and family who tackled the often negative and demoralizing process of divorce.

Victoria Brooks Melly and Caroline Hirschfeld
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Greenwich, CT 06830
PH: 203-912-7220