Joe Bragg Launches Unique Free Online Games Site with Reviews


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2012 -- Ever since web embedded interactivity technology when Flash was invented, games have been an exceptionally popular execution. However in the last few years, the browser based games market has really exploded. A combination of impressive new technologies and a surge in the popularity of casual gaming has lead to thousands of new games being developed every year.

One browser based games site that has been getting a lot of attention recently is, a massive online repository of games made using Flash and other browser plug-ins like Unity 3D and shockwave. doesn’t just have a huge reputation for hosting quality games, it is also known for unbiased, in depth video reviews of some of the most popular browser games.

Each game is reviewed in an entertaining style, with thoughtful analysis of the game’s merits and flaws. The reviews are completely objective, fair and unbiased. Each video lasts for around ten minutes, and includes footage of the game.

Of course, in addition to the reviews, EBOG also hosts an exceptionally wide range of games in many different genres. There are hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of games in each category. All of the games are completely free of charge to play, and require no downloads. They simply run embedded in the browser using plug-ins such as Flash and Unity 3D.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Every year, more and more browser based games are released. It seems like the market has exploded recently. It can be very difficult for gamers to find the best online browser based games. Here at, we didn’t just want to be an online source of these games, we also wanted to help steer people in the direction of the best ones. That’s why we’ve created in depth video reviews, where our presenters discuss and evaluate some of the most popular browser based titles. This is an extremely useful resource for our visitors, who would otherwise have to wade through our library of thousands of games to find one they like. Of course, if they enjoy doing that, as many people do, then they can continue discovering great games for themselves in our site. There are certainly plenty of them to choose from.”

About is Eric’s Best Online Games, a browser based game website which has a huge variety of different games along with exclusive, in depth video reviews.

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