ecoFINISH Sheds Light on How to Know if a Commercial Pool Needs Recoating


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2021 -- ecoFINISH®, a major provider of commercial pool coatings, is happy to share the knowledge and experience their team has with identifying when a commercial pool needs to be recoated. While many know when a shabby looking pool is overdue for a new coating, they might not realize that rough patches and stains are the first signs that the pool needs to be recoated.

When someone finds out about rough patches forming on the bottom of a pool through guest reports or general inspections, this is one of the early signs that the pool should be recoated. Generally, rough patches could range in severity, with some providing only mild discomfort for patrons while others create a safety hazard for pool guests. However, regardless of the severity, the pool should be recoated as soon as possible since anything that impacts the quality of a swimmer's experience can harm a property and brand.

Apart from physical signs of wear on the pool's surface, a commercial pool should be recoated if a significant portion of it is stained. Stains can arise through various means, but if they can't easily be wiped away, they could be masking more serious problems like algae growth. In severe cases, stains can even hide cracks and structural issues that could be hazardous to a pool guest. In both cases, having a professional recoat the pool will ensure that it's safe.

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