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Expert PCB Board Engineer Enlightens Reader on the Main Types of the PCB Circuit Board


Zhejiang, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- The type of the PCB circuit board could be mainly divided into three types which are the single-sided type, double-sided type and multilayer boards. However, the common multilayer circuit PCB boards are generally four or six layers. On the other hand, the number of layers of complex multilayer PCB should be up to tens of layers. Today, the high reputation PCB china copying manufacturer would let people the detailed information about each type of the PCB board.

The first type of PCB board is the Single-Sided Boards. The feature of Single-Sided Boards is very typically. The electrical components have been concentrated on PCB fabrication China one side of the PCB board and the wire is concentrated on the other side. Because the wires are only on one side, so this is called the single panel PCB. There are many strict restrictions in the design of the single panel circuit design. Because of the only one side, the wire could not be crossed and the wiring should along their path alone. In that kind of situation, only the early circuit board could apply this kind of PCB board.

The second type is the Double-Sided Boards which have wire on both sides of board. However, the engineer from website has said that both sides of this kind of double-sided boards must have the proper electrical connection between two sides. This bridge between the circuit is called the pilot hole which is also known as VIA. VIA on the PCB is the hole which has been filled or coated with metal. This kind of via can be connected with wire on both sides. Because the area of dual- panel should be twice as the single panel and double panel has also solved difficulties of single panel, this kind of electrical board is more suitable for panel on the circuit which is more complex than single board.

The last one is the MLB which is the Multi-Layer Board. The engineer from PCB china has said PCB prototype China that the Multi-Layer Board should be very useful in today¡¯s electrical industry. In order to increase the area of the electrical board, the multilayer board has applied more single- or double-sided wiring board. In general, the MLB would use with one double-sided board as the inner layer and two single-sided as the outer layer. However, most circuit board of motherboards should apply 4 to 8 storey structure. However, the theory can give people the conclusion that there could be existed nearly 100 layers of the PCB board. Most large-scale supercomputers should use the quite multilayer board but because such the huge computer can already be replaced by the connection of many common computers, the super multilayer has been gradually not being used.