FOSJOAS Twin-Wheeled Electric Scooter V5, Perfect Integration of Vogue and Technology


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2015 -- As the wave of self-balancing electric scooter spreads across the world, an increasing number of people fall in love with this new favorite. The essence of FOSJOAS V5 combines fashion and high-tech to satisfy the need of the customer and touch their lives.

Recently people like to ride the self-balancing electric scooter because they crave for the cool feeling of "skiing" on land and enjoy much fun and freedom in their lives. FOSJOAS twin-wheeled electric scooter V5 is a prefect combination of fashion and technology.

Fashion is shown not only in FOSJOAS self-balance twin-wheeled electric scooter V5's look but also in the way of life it is advocating. With smart dashing figure and bright color, V5 embodies a sense of vigor and enthusiasm. Its comfortable cushion pads and arc pedals feature ergonomic design, which makes the riders feel comfortable. Also, FOSJOAS V5 riders have their own traffic "lane" or shortcuts without worrying about the traffic jam. Powered by electricity, V5 emits no exhaust pollution so it symbolizes an environmentally-friendly way of life.

Besides, high-tech is just like wings to help FOSJOAS fly high in the sector. Its built-in intelligent chip ensures better user experience. First, the agile response time is 0.03s so riders can ride V5 to move, accelerate, turn or brake efficiently under their control. Second, the upgraded system ensures the maximum speed reaches about 18km/h and stays alert and activated at 12km/h so the rider can travel fast and freely to the places they want go. Third, fitted with Japan-made Panasonic lithium battery of 170Wh, V5 can run at most 23km per charge. It only takes 120min to fully charge the battery. Because of this, riders can save much time and money by skipping trips to the gas station. Fourth, its Meg-Lev motor offers continuous driving power for FOSJOAS electric scooter V5 with no noise and low-energy consumption. Therefore, it helps the riders travel fast and freely and meanwhile enjoy the wonderful scenery alongside the road.

FOSJOAS self-balance electric scooter V5 enjoys making local errands funny, quick and easy and ensures safe and convenient point-to-point transportation. Theses advantages cannot live without its endless efforts to upgrade its products in fashion and technology.

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