Huizhou Odmaytech Machinery Co., Ltd. Launches New Automatic Spring Making Machines

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Huizhou City, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2020 --, the leading spring making machine manufacturer in China is pleased to launch the newest automatic spring making machine, CNC spring making machines and many others in this line of product. The CNC spring making machine can produce different springs inside the 0.2 to 2.3mm range. The machine is equipped with four servo motors that push the machine for cable feeding, camera moving, quill rotating and spinner turning. This system is widely used across industrial applications and preferred by several spring producers in China as well as rest of the world.

The CNC spring making machines are backed by Japanese Sanyo Denki Servo Engine and Taiwan Yitu PC control to ensure stable performance throughout the process. The machines are capable of stably fabricating various types of precision springs, tension springs, compression springs, formed springs, wire drawings and many others. This leading spring making machine manufacturer in china takes pride in their machinery as they are completely equipped with four axis – Y, X, Z and U. These axis ensure that the automatic spring making machines create precise dimensions especially while manufacturing intricate springs.

Dedicated to enhance the overall user experience, the company is always on the forefront of research and development; to develop the most advanced machine quality. They have a worldwide distribution currently running in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and North America. The leading spring making machine manufacturer in China are known for their top notch quality control system, innovative products and excellent after-sales service.

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Greenuptown is a brand of Huizhou Odmaytech Machinery Co. Ltd. Founded in 2008 in Guangdong, China this company is a major supplies of automatic spring making machines, coil spring making machines, CNC spring manufacturing machines, small spring making machines and peripheral equipment with worldwide distribution.

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