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H J Has Just Released Her New Video About How to Lose 5 Pounds in Just One Week for Women


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- H J has just released her new video about how to lose 5 pounds in just one week for women . Gaining weight is simple but losing it calls for lots of determination and motivation. It can take a long period of time to lose weight, especially when commitment is an issue. Women, particularly find it harder to lose weight as compared to men and this is as a result of how their bodies are structured. With so many weight loss tips and remedies, it can be hard to determine which one is bound to fetch the desired results. The truth is that some do not work at all and what works for one woman might not work for another. Fortunately, there is always a way out!

Heather Jameson, having been frustrated by weight gain eventually found the most effective way of losing weight fast. She manages to lose 90 pounds in five months, making her way to being healthier, sexier and more energetic. She now shares her secret with other women who are looking for ways to lose weight fast. In her video, she offers simple tips to lose at least 5 pounds in a week.

Here are the tips are really great.

First one is to Reduce calorie intakes. The secret to losing weight is to make sure that fewer calories are taken and more burned. They are the culprits of weight gain.

The 2nd one is to Double burnings by increasing metabolism and building muscle. To lose 5 pounds in a week, a calorie deficit of 17,500 is required. This can easily be done by reducing calorie intakes and increasing metabolism. Plenty of water is important and laced with some lemon it helps in flushing out toxins and boosting metabolism. Working out for 40 minutes in the morning is also helpful. This should include exercises such as jumping jerks, pushups, squats, lunges and cardio.

The 3rd oneis to Eat 1,000 calories daily, foods rich in fiber, fine protein and veggies are the best in offering the needed calories. It is important to keep off unhealthy or bad food.

The 4th one is to Do an evening workout. HJ also recommends an evening workout which should be made up of weight lifts to increase the success of the weight loss program.

The 5th one is to Stay active and positive. This is probably one of the most important tips considering that it is easy for many to give up when they have delayed results. There are plenty of activities that women can take up to stay active without straining and to keep the motivation going.

The 6th one is to Control the leptin hormone. It is responsible in the body’s ability to burn fats and it should be kept under control with the right exercises and diet routines.

Apart from the weight loss tips, the women will also enjoy 2 free ebooks, mistakes to avoid guide and a 7 day meal plan that will help in making sure that the 5 pounds are lost effectively and healthily. Her video can be watched here

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After having struggled with lots of health problems, because she learned how to deal with them, Heather has become a weight loss and women's health expert. She is now dedicated to helping women all over the world lose weight and get healthy, and through her free health tips hundreds of women are already on their way to a better life.

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