Joe Bragg Helps Businesses and Consumers Take Advantage of the Cloud


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2012 -- Cloud computing is one of the most enthusiastically discussed IT developments in recent times. These systems take advantage of near-universal Internet connectivity to store data and computer programs remotely, meaning that users can access them from any device, at any location. This creates many opportunities for unencumbered data access and global collaboration.

One website that is making waves in this area is, a site dedicated to educating visitors on how their business can benefit from this exciting new development.

The How To Implement Cloud Computing site contains useful editorial content that explains the benefits of cloud computing, and how these benefits can be usefully and profitably implemented in a business.

The content on the site covers a wide range of perspectives, in order to appeal to the maximum number of businesses. There is useful information for anyone who uses IT systems in their business, no matter what type of industry they are in.

The site is regularly updated, and discusses popular topics such as the benefits of on site IT staff vs. outsourcing IT staff, and how to use cloud software to maximize IT budget savings.

It also collects relevant press releases, serving as a regularly updated news resource for anyone looking for up to the minute information on cloud computing.

A spokesperson for the site said:

“Cloud computing is an incredibly exciting development that will ultimately connect us all together seamlessly. There are countless areas where it can be beneficial for businesses. It can cut costs, improve efficiency, and facilitate unprecedented collaboration, in addition to a huge number of other benefits. However many businesses don’t realize just how useful cloud computing can be for them. We set up our site to explain the benefits of hosting systems in the cloud, as well as the best way to migrate existing systems to a cloud-based infrastructure. Like many innovative developments, cloud computing can seem difficult and impenetrable, but we do our best to demystify it and let our visitors know exactly how it can work for their business. We also present press releases and recent news about new developments in the cloud computing world, in order to keep our users informed of the latest innovations that could help their business.”

About is a website dedicated to explaining the beneficial attributes of cloud computing systems, and detailing how they can be successfully implemented in a business.

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