OKTV, a Purespectrum Inc. (PSRU:OTC) Subsidiary, Unveils Both New and Returning Projects


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2018 -- OKTV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Purespectrum Inc. (PSRU:OTC), continues to dominate the family landscape with shows like Opportunity Knocks, Going Beyond Story, and Notcho Average Family.

Coming on the heels of a tremendously successful 2018 season, OKTV is set to announce a stellar slate of programming for the 2019 season.

Xavier "X" Mitchell, CEO of OKTV, will unveil the network's new and existing lineup to the advertising and media communities on 1/19/2019 at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood.

OKTV continues to build its roster of quality programming that speaks to family consumers who have embraced its authenticity examples of which include, but are not limited to, highly anticipated shows such as Mixher, Laugh At LA, and Ambush Karaoke. The network also boasts an unprecedented upsurge in monthly viewers.

Furthermore, the network has experienced a significant boost to its ad sales due to the rapid and healthy growth of its underlying media platform. For the second month in a row, the platform, which offers viewers original programming, TV series, documentaries, and feature films across a wide variety of genres, has secured astonishing record monthly viewership figures. During October, over 2.2 million unique visits were made to the network. The growth can be attributed to both increased awareness as well as a range of fresh, unique content which this niche network has made available in recent months.

"This past year, commitment to quality has been our mantra.", says Mitchell. He continues, "the family audience is the most important and the influential mechanism in America. We want to be right there with them every step of the way by keeping a pulse on what interests them."

At least six new series have been announced for OKTV's 2019 season, including

"Opportunity Knocks", "Going Beyond Story", "Laugh At LA", "Mixher", "Notcho Average Family", and "Ambush Karaoke".

Advertisers are encouraged to attend.


"Opportunity Knocks"
The world is full of givers. Individuals who forego their own dreams in order to care for those they love. Think of the single mother who works three jobs to provide for her children. The teenage son who drops out of school to nurse a sick parent. The brilliant student desperate to change society on a macro level, but struggling to afford a college degree.

Through generosity and kindness, such exemplary humans inspire hope and ignite passion in the rest of us.

Yet how are these angels ever fully rewarded?

Enter Opportunity Knocks, a reality program built around the premise of giving back to the givers. We hope to express our gratitude by rewarding generous individuals with opportunities to pursue their own dreams. Think Extreme Makeover meets Intervention. "Opportunity Knocks" is hosted by Lanika Wise and OKTV CEO, Xavier "X" Mitchell. Xavier "X" Mitchell is the writer. Cheryl Cobb is executive producer; and Xavier Mitchell is the director on the pilot and the executive producer.

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"Going Beyond Story"
Everyone has a story but what does it take to get that story into a book? Dr. Thyonne, the STORY Whisperer, meets writers where they are and guides them through a process to completion. The work goes beyond beginning, middle and end and dives deeper into structure, targeting and passion. Just like any good story, getting there can be tough. Conflict, confusion and communication mishaps are all part of the obstacles Dr. Thyonne deals with when everyday people are put to the task to go Beyond Story. The show is executive produced by Xavier Mitchell and Cheryl Cobb and is hosted by Dr. Thyonne Gordon.

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"Laugh At LA"
In the vein of Chappelle show and Def Comedy Jam, Laugh At LA brings you a hilarious blend of comedy. Todd Bridges hosts this hot new show aimed at showcasing LA's top comedians. Show is hosted by Todd Bridges. Appearances by Debra Wilson-Skelton (MadTV), Jill Michele Melean, Kel Mitchell, Kelly Stables and more.

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"Ambush Karaoke"
Who said karaoke doesn't have heart? Karaoke in small town USA will never be the same, so grab your oxygen mask and tissues: this is the "TNT" of karaoke.

Every week, Ambush Karaoke will showcase a popular (or not-so-popular) American-based karaoke spot. During a typical episode, we will get to know the owner of the bar, its history, the DJ, and the patrons, all while gathering insight regarding the community as a whole.

Most importantly, each week Ambush Karaoke will focus on a different cause in hopes of heightening awareness of various social issues faced in today's world. At the end of each episode, an individual personally affected by the issue-of-the-week will be present for the final "karaoke performance" reveal.

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"Notcho Average Family"
After a decade plus of marriage and four children, Notcho and Porsha assume the rest of their lives will continue on autopilot. That is, until a fifth girl, baby Kamille, enters their lives. Notcho Average Family shows us how Dontray navigates being a father and husband in a household entirely populated by females while passionately pursuing his dream of being a Hip Hop artist, to eventual fulfillment and success. At the same time we see how the members of this loving family live and interact with each other, in ways that are complicated and sometimes challenging but also lead to personal growth and strengthened relationships.

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America observes the struggles and triumphs of four to eight diverse female DJs in today's chaotic world, as they strive for international recognition in a male-dominated Industry. Universally, the portrayal of the Disc Jockey in America is typically male - but why is that? Because what we all know is "the party don't start until the girls get there". The divas featured are here to mix it up; imagine a cross between "Sisterhood Of Hip Hop", with the heart and humanity of "Born This Way".

Day to day these heroines go the extra mile, fulfilling their astronomical music dreams by breaking down barriers. They fight tooth and nail against preconceived stereotypes, biases, and colossal obstacles – unbeknownst to the world they have the same undeniable passion their male counterparts have, yet the same passion has eluded these ladies… the right to slay the tables. Show is created by and executive produced by Xavier Mitchell. Stars up and coming sensation Belle Aire.

If you are a content provider or producer who has content for OKTV to consider, please submit to programming@myok.tv

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