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Presidential Countdown from Online Clock Adds to the Excitement of Election Day 2012


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2012 -- With less than 200 days until the next President of the United States is elected, people throughout most of the country are abuzz with hope for the future and excitement for Election Day.

Given the state of the economy, the U.S. Debt Crisis and a wide range of other compelling factors, Election Day 2012 is expected to draw a large number of voters.

To add to the anticipation for November 6th, OnlineClock.net, the world’s first online alarm clock website, recently launched a new Presidential Election Day online countdown. People can visit http://countdown.onlineclock.net/countdowns/election/ to watch as the new Election countdown clock clicks down by the second, minute, hour and day, bringing the nation closer and closer to its new leader. Furthermore, OnlineClock.net just updated their list of popular countdowns with the addition of several new countdown clocks.

In between the political advertisements and televised Presidential debates, a large number of people will be planning parties for November 6th to celebrate their choice of candidate. The new Presidential countdown clock from OnlineClock.net is a great way to add to the excitement leading up to the day.

Site visitors can customize the appearance of the new countdown clock page to a variety of background colors or by changing the size of clock itself.

According to Tom Churm, creator and owner of OnlineClock.net, “We developed our new Election Day countdown clock to provide people with a fun way to look forward to November 6th and we hope it enhances the process.”

In addition to the new Election Day countdown clock, OnlineClock.net just added numerous new clocks to their Popular Countdowns list located at http://countdown.onlineclock.net/countdowns/. Comprised of countdown clocks for an array of holidays, the list was updated to include Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

OnlineClock.net also features a host of other fun, quirky and entertaining free online alarm clocks, online countdown timers, stopwatches and time tools, including a binary clock, a moods alarm clock, a space clock, a video alarm clock, a military time clock and much more.

For more information on Online Clock or to find the new Election Day countdown clock, visit http://onlineclock.net/about/.

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