Prozac Birth Defects : New Prozac Lawsuit Website Launched to Help Victims of Prozac Birth Defects

Through the newly launched website,, victims who suffered negative side effects caused by the drug Prozac (fluoxetine) can now determine if they qualify for legal compensation. Visit the official website at for further details.


Norcross, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2013 -- The popular consumer information website, , has recently been launched to help victims of Prozac birth defects determine if they qualify for legal compensation. Parents of newborns or children who have suffered the drugs’ negative side effects can now visit the website, get a free case review and get access to knowledgeable Prozac attorneys within the US.

Once hailed as a wonder drug which paved the way for the development of other generations of anti-depressant drugs we now know as SSRIs (select seritonin reuptake inhibitors), the popular drug Prozac has **earned its nickname ‘bottled sunshine’ for good reason; patients taking the drug claim that it works in helping them manage their depression.

However, after more than 20 years since the drug’s introduction, the staggering number of complaints and lawsuits filed for Prozac birth defects has seriously affected the credibility of the drug as a viable solution to treat anxiety.

Many women who were prescribed the drug to alleviate symptoms of major depressive disorders and anxiety disorders during their pregnancy are now facing serious birth defect issues with their newborn.

As of to date, there is already a large number of Prozac lawsuits filed by victims of the drug’s negative side effects yet there are still some who has not taken action due to their lack of legal awareness.

According to, lack of sufficient warnings by the drug manufacturer is probably one of strongest legal grounds for filling a Prozac lawsuit and victims need to be aware of it.

The website owner, Glendal Bass, says : “A large number of lawsuits for Prozac birth defects have been filed and more are being filed every day. The allegations against Eli Lilly and Company include failure to provide adequate warning of the danger of taking Prozac while pregnant and manufacturing and marketing a defective drug.” - ‘Prozac Linked to Serious Birth Defects’, article from

The website offers a simple and straightforward way for victims to establish if they are eligible to file a lawsuit against Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical giant who developed and distributed Prozac.

By giving plaintiffs access to their trained legal experts, they are able to verify if they qualify for compensation or not, thus saving them time and money.

The newly created website also provides a Frequently Asked Questions page about Prozac and birth defects, the latest news about Prozac lawsuits and other helpful information that will empower people with timely information they need.

With their easy to fill up online form, people who are seeking proper legal advice regarding Prozac side effects can be connected with an experienced Prozac lawyer with less hassle. For more information, visit their new website today at htt:// or contact their representative at 1-800-918-7302.

About is a leading consumer information website whose main goal is to help sufferers of Prozac birth defects. By providing timely information and free case evaluations, their invaluable service helps victims verify if they are eligible for legal reimbursement and connect them with a Prozac lawyer near their area. Visit their new website today for more details.

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