Joe Bragg Aims to Help Drivers Avoid Red Light Tickets with an Expert Traffic Attorney


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Red light tickets are an unfortunate feature in cities throughout the United States. Red light tickets – also known more generally as traffic cameras – are triggered when drivers speed through an intersection or run a red light. The camera takes a picture of the car’s license plate and mails that driver a ticket along with a fine or penalty.

Those who have been victimized by red light cameras may wish to visit for assistance. At, visitors will learn that red light tickets can be dismissed in court with the help of an expert traffic lawyer. Dismissing a red light ticket helps the driver avoid costly license points while maintaining a clean driving record – both of which always result in lower insurance rates.

The website uses a simple system to connect drivers with expert attorneys. Visitors to the site simply enter their name, email address, and telephone number along with a simple message describing the traffic ticket that they received. After this information is submitted, the website scans its database of qualified attorneys in order to find one in the driver’s local area who can help.

A spokesperson for explains that traffic attorneys can be used to solve more than just red light ticket problems:

“Our expert traffic attorneys have experience handling all sorts of driving infractions, including everything from impaired driving charges to reckless driving tickets. Instead of immediately paying a traffic ticket, which effectively declares the driver guilty of all charges, we encourage drivers to use our site to talk to a qualified attorney.”

After consulting with a traffic lawyer, drivers generally find that there are multiple options available to them. In some cases, paying the fine immediately may be the best option. But in other cases, an expert and creative traffic attorney can poke holes in the case in order to weaken charges or even dismiss them entirely.

The website is currently available to drivers across the country. Whether trying to dismiss a red light ticket in PA or fighting against reckless driving charges in New York, the website aims to help drivers throughout the United States win any case.

Paying a traffic ticket can have immediate and serious effects on one’s life. One traffic ticket can cause someone to lose their job and permanently tarnish their driving record, for example. It can lead to thousands of dollars of increased insurance costs over time as well as hundreds of dollars in fines or even jail. For all of these reasons, aims to help drivers avoid being assigned points for red light ticket while getting back on the road as soon as possible.

About connects visitors with qualified traffic attorneys in their local area. Visitors fill out a simple form at the website before being connected with experienced traffic attorneys in their local area who will fight to dismiss all traffic charges, infractions, and fines. For more information, please visit: