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New Device Breaks Into Windows Accounts When You Forget Your Password

For anyone that has been locked out of your computer, this new gadget by Paraben can be the answer to your prayers. Windows Breaker is a Windows account access tool that will allow you to get access to any Windows account if you've forgotten the password. There's no software to download or boot disks to create. Simply plug Windows Breaker into your computer and reboot making sure it's set to boot to the USB drive. Windows Breaker gives average computer users the power of advanced password recovery in a simple tool.


Pleasant Grove, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2011 -- Paraben Corporation (, a leader in the digital forensics industry, announces the release of Windows Breaker a Windows account password recovery tool. This new and innovative product is designed to give computer owners access to their account and files when they have lost their Windows account passwords. Designed with IT professionals and law enforcement in mind, this USB based tool contains software designed to bypass Windows account passwords.

“It is always nice to know you have a backup just in case someone has forgotten their password. This is a perfect easy-to-use tool that I can have my HR department use to gain access to one of our corporate machines.” said Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben Corporation. “Until now, the average PC user was intimidated at the thought of buying software to recover lost Windows account passwords. With Windows Breaker, you simply plug the device in and reboot your computer.” Windows Breaker is the first commercial Windows password recovery tool that comes on a USB drive ready for use by even the most novice computer users. Never worry about the loss of access again with this easy to use tool, and never be locked out of your data.

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