Has Made It Possible for the Users to See All over the World

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2016 -- Street View Online, a 360 degree explorer, has made it possible for users from all over the world to see the sites, public places and the gorgeous beautiful corners from wherever they want without stepping out of their homes.

While people might have the urge to travel and see the whole world, it is not humanly possible. Life is too short and it's a vast place to cover, even if people pick and choose their options. However that doesn't mean they can't see the places they have always wanted to or even revisit the sites that have made their mark in their lives in the past. Street View Online enables them to see these places from the comforts of their homes.

This 360 degree explorer is a creation from Google, which it managed by attaching cameras to backpacks, bikes and a whole lot more. So far 7 million miles have been covered and the images have been stitched together to be uploaded online. Users have the option of accessing these images via their computers or apps. The good news is that it is really easy to see the sites, wonders of the world and everyday public spaces.

To look at these places via the computer one can start with typing the name of the place people want to look for in Google Maps. Then by clicking on the yellow man on the bottom left corner, users get access to roads that can be explored, which turn blue. Off-road areas will be denoted by blue dots, which can be explored as well. One can simply drag the yellow man to the spot one wants to explore and let go.

Real photos of the chosen area appear and users can navigate by clicking, holding and dragging the mouse or the keyboard. The arrow on the ground can be used to move forward and the scroll on the mouse to zoom in or out. Street View Online also offers users the option of looking at images from a previous date.

To look at images, one can find the Google Maps app and search the location in the top box. They can pick the right suggestion and hold on the area till the red pointer comes up. The bottom information box can then be clicked upwards to get the Street View image. It can then be explored on one's tablet or Smartphone. Using one's finger the chosen area can be explored. The pinch movement facilitates zooming in and out while one can tap on the arrows to move forward. The back button takes users to the regular map view.

Thus through a few easy steps users can see the places of their choice anywhere in the world.

About Street View Online
It is a 360 degree explorer that helps users see different places, sites and beautiful natural surroundings conveniently, without stepping out of their homes.

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